3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Try Working for Yourself

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Business

Some people might genuinely love working a conventional 9-5 job on behalf of a large corporation, turning up at the office each day and getting on with their chores and projects, as an array of supervisors and managers watch on intently. But it’s likely that not many people do.


Increasingly, huge numbers of people seem to dream about getting away from traditional working arrangements and becoming their own bosses. There have always been some entrepreneurs who have chosen to go against the grain and to take their destinies into their own hands. But today, it could be argued that there are more reasons to adopt this mindset than maybe ever before in human history.


Here are just a few reasons why you should try working for yourself.



Modern technology makes it more viable and straightforward than ever before


Being self-employed used to typically involve all sorts of undesirable sacrifices and burdens that would automatically put huge numbers of people off.


Of course, some of those burdens and sacrifices are still a part of the game, but many of the traditional “barriers” to making a success of a small business have fallen by the wayside, thanks to the ever-changing world we all experience, courtesy of modern technologies.


With the help of a company such as Total Merchant Services, you can effortlessly run your business from wherever you want, receive payments on the go with a portable card reader, or process all transactions online, not to mention also being able to explore marketing solutions with near-effortless simplicity.


In the not-so-old days, being an entrepreneur largely meant renting your own office space — hopefully in a good part of town — and spending most of your waking hours there. These days, the game has flipped.



You don’t have to make it big as a startup prodigy in order to become self-sufficient


If you hear some of the stats about most startups and small businesses failing in the first year, you might become disheartened. But keep in mind, you don’t have to make it as a big startup prodigy, be successful with your first business venture, or even start up a “business” at all, in order to be self-sufficient while working for yourself.


You could just as easily have multiple side-hustles on the go at once. Or you could sell your personal arts and crafts on a website like Etsy for money on the side. Or you could become a freelance writer, graphic designer, or consultant, and work from the comfort of your own home.



It’s way more meaningful to do things for yourself, on your own terms, than for someone else’s company


When you’re working for yourself, you always know exactly what you’re working for, other than just money. Ideally, you’ll be doing something you enjoy, and that you find meaningful, while also investing directly in your own future.


There’s a level of satisfaction and purpose that comes from this kind of work, which is just completely different from working on behalf of someone else’s dreams, and company.


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