3 Surprising Things You Can Insure

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Life

Most of us are familiar with celebrities who chose to insure their body parts; Julia Roberts, for example, is rumoured to have insured her smile for a cool $30million USD. You would think stories like that would make the general populace realise there are all sorts of things that can be insured – but how many of us take advantage of it?


The average person has around five insurance policies, covering problems with the following things:


  • House insurance.
  • Car insurance.
  • Travel
  • Pet insurance.
  • Life insurance.


… And that’s pretty much it. Those are the “big ones” anyway; the headline grabbers that you always make sure you pay even when you’re tight on money for the month. These are great policies that anyone with their head screwed on correctly should absolutely have, but what else is it possible to insure? Given that insurance is all about peace of mind, it might be helpful to know that you can extend far beyond the usual when it comes to your coverage…


A Body Part


It’s not just celebrities that can insure their body against mishap – you could do it too. While this might seem like a stretch for the average person, if you examine it, for some people it might actually be a good idea.


If a part of your body is needed for your career, then insuring it could be the best way to prepare for your future. A pianist might want to protect their fingers; personal trainers could insure their legs or arms; and so on and so forth. It’s worth thinking about if you rely on an area of your body for your entire livelihood!


Wedding Insurance


The likes of Wedinsure can help protect your big day from any number of problems. When you think about it, this actually makes a lot of sense. Weddings are an expensive business; if you’ve spent all that money on the day of your dreams, you’re going to want recompense if it doesn’t go to plan.




If you’re a collector, then you have probably spent a lot of time, money, and resources putting together the items in your collection. If something were to happen to that collection, then there’s no guarantee that it would be covered under your home insurance – especially if it’s of high value, beyond what your normal policy covers. Even if you’re not a collector per se, your wardrobe or haul of designer shoes could be something you want to take out a specific insurance for.


While nothing will ever make up for the loss of your items, insuring a collection can at least mean you don’t lose out on the financial investment you made in pursuing your hobby.


As the above shows, if you’ve invested money into something, then there will be an insurance that can help cover you for any future losses. So whether it’s a wardrobe of high-end clothes, the biggest day of your life, or a statue in your back garden, if it means a lot to you, it might be worth protecting yourself.


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