3 Tips for Making Things Run Better and More Smoothly in Your Business

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Business

Running a business sure isn’t easy, but if you approach it with the right mindset, it can be a deeply rewarding and life-affirming experience, and one that teaches you a lot of valuable lessons.


If you keep grinding away at it for long enough, it might even be the case that, sooner or later, you’re able to make a pretty substantial amount of money from your business, and set yourself up financially as a result.


The thing is, running a business is not just about going through the motions. It is largely about always being on the lookout for ways to iterate and optimise what it is you’re doing, and to make things run better, and more smoothly, at every possible opportunity.


Here are a few tips for achieving that.



  • Use tools that allow you to get more done in less time – but use them cautiously



There is a reason why businesses of all types rely on special purpose machinery in order to ensure that they remain competitive – and it’s not always because that machinery is essential to getting the job done.


Very often, the tools that people rely on in business serve as magnifiers, rather than anything else. They exacerbate and magnify the things you’re already doing, and allow you to get more done, in less time.


To continually be on the path to growth and improvement, you need to see and utilise the best tools at every possible occasion. Be cautious, though. Sometimes – increased rate of work isn’t actually exactly what you want. There can also be benefits to doing things a bit more slowly, and attentively.



  • Make your life a lot more deliberate and focused – implement systems to reduce your tendency to procrastinate



If you run your own business, the degree to which you have your own life together, on a personal level, will generally be the degree to which you are able to hold your business together.


These days, a lot of us are prone to procrastinating more or less constantly and wasting huge chunks of time each day, that could serve a much more meaningful purpose otherwise.


Free up more of your time, so that you can be more efficient in your work life, by implementing systems to reduce your tendency to procrastinate.


Using an RSS reader to aggregate articles from sites you frequent, can be a good way of preventing you from falling into a black hole of web searching, for instance.



  • Optimise your energy levels – and treat them as a key resource



If you want to massively increase your professional performance, it’s obviously essential to exercise good time management. But, unless you can also exercise good “energy management,” there’s a good chance that all of that will be for nought.


Do what you can to optimise your energy levels in life, because the more energetic you are, the more awake you are, and the sharper your mind is, the more you will be able to achieve.

To optimise your energy levels, look at experimenting with your diet, trying different breathing exercises, and getting more sleep.


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