4 Essential Planning Tips For Relocating Your Business

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Business

Nothing in business is permanent, this includes the location of your business. You could be on the verge of moving your farm business closer to consumers to reduce travelling costs to markets and shops that buy your product. Moving your firm to a certain part of the city for more exposure, prestige and to be accessible to elite bankers and professionals, or you might be downsizing to a smaller/cheaper space as you gradually transition your business online.

There are multiple reasons behind any move, but all relocations will have similar obstacles in common to overcome to prevent jeopardising business processes and reduce the risk of losing money on the way. For 4 essential planning tips for relocating your business, read the points below.



Alert anyone who is relevant that your business address is changing, your staff, customers, businesses, partnerships, suppliers etc. Different explanations shall be owed to different people, depending on what they mean to your business. For instance, letting suppliers, and businesses you work with first may be best before telling your customers. Keeping everyone aware of your location will prevent mishaps such as deliveries and customers turning up to your old company address.


New Contacts

Think about what systems you can put in motion now for when you move to your new office to prevent delays in the business process.

For instance, if your current suppliers and services can not cater to your business address begin researching alternative options. On the other hand, it might be time to shake around your existing services as you move to a new location. For example, if your demand for oil has increased, you might be on the lookout for a new provider such as New Era Fuels to cater for the surge in demand and to inquire whether they can supply to your new address.


Contact Information

Don’t forget any contact details on merchandise, google maps, telephone directories, your website and so forth will all need to change to accommodate for your brand new address. This should be replaced at the point you are moving, to prevent customers from attending an incorrect address.


Moving Company

Investing in a professional moving company for your industry is vital. Yes, the cost of moving will be higher than attempting to conduct the move yourself, but the value of any damage/loss of equipment and confidential documents along the movement could cost you far more in money if all of your business belongings and information fails to reach your new location in one piece. Because of this, avoid booking a cheap moving company and hire a professional business to take care of transporting your company assets in a safe and secure way.


To avoid a backlog of tasks to solve on your arrival to your new business location or altogether forgetting parts of your business move, planning in advance will help you to avoid common issues businesses are likely to endure if the move has not been planned correctly. Follow the three tips above to transition your company to a new location with ease.




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