4 Steps For Starting A Business For Newbies

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Business

Starting a business can feel like a huge step to take in life that only the brightest and best will play a part in. To many, it can seem that even the smallest business ventures are launched by the people with the cutting edge ideas and the killer projects. It’s not always the case. Sure, there’s a fair few empires out there with outrageously well-thought schemes, but not everybody in the world is Elon Musk. Anybody can do it if they stick by it – seriously. There are people out there; perhaps people you know well, went to school with, or have worked with – that you wouldn’t have down as a genius – who have taken to a particular craft and managed to carve out a business that they call their own. It’s possible. Here are a few simple suggestions that may help you get started.


Any Ideas?


When it comes to the type of business you want to create, you’re more than likely going to want to find that niche that’s closer to you and what you know. That’s got to be more helpful for you here, right? Immediately you’d think about something you love doing – which is lovely and something we all want, and all the big, famous entrepreneurs like to push this idea. But what about doing something regarding things that bug you and you’d like to help fix. Also, are you going to produce goods or provide a service?




Plan Of Action


Things are going to need to be thought out, structured and kept consistently tracked. It may sound slightly boring, but you’re probably not going to go even get off of the ground without first sitting down and planning what needs to be done. Obviously, it’s wise to work out your overall objectives and what you’re trying to achieve. Figuring out who your target audience is going to be will need to be noted. Other aspects like finances and management team will come into play.




After getting a plan together, you’re going to want to get your product or service around. To do this, you could get a distributor to do this for you. Or perhaps you could buy a van yourself, get yourself some van insurance, and sell the products or provide the service needed. It’s best to work out what’s cost-effective or what is the easiest option for you.




Marketing is usually seen as the more fun and colourful part of the business world. Nowadays, one of the most significant ways of getting your product or service into somebody’s head is through social media. An awful lot of people seems to have some form of social media and an advertisement on there can be made and shared very quickly – be it the smallest of tweets or an almost full-screen promotion on Instagram.


By focussing on these areas, you may find that starting up a business is a lot less scary that you thought it was.



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