5 New Ways To Stay Safe When Travelling

by Oct 24, 2017Travel

When it comes to travelling, we usually think about all the fun adventures that are awaiting us once we touch down and begin exploring our new surroundings. However, it’s always important that we keep our safety at the forefront of our mind. We can never be too sure what might happen in life, and this is especially the case when we’re in a different land to our own. Below, we take a look at five new ways you can ensure you’re kept safe while you’re trying to have a fun time abroad!


When it comes to travelling, we usually think about all the fun adventures however, it’s always important that we keep our safety in mind

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Learn the Basics


You don’t know for certain what will happen when you’re travelling. If something does occur, you’ll want to be able to tell other people what’s happened. You don’t need to be able to hold long conversations, but it’s clear how it would be beneficial knowing how to say “help”, “I need an ambulance/the police”, and so on. Before you travel, learn how to say the basics in the language of the country you’re visiting. Bonus: locals always appreciate when you can say a few words, so take a read through the basic greetings too.


Use Your Smartphone


The internet has revolutionised just about everything, and that extends to how we stay safe abroad. You’re carrying a powerful tool in your pocket, with which you can do most things to ensure you’re kept in tip-top condition. You can use your smartphone to speak to a dr online should you fall ill, use apps check in with friends and family members back home, and get updates about any dangerous happenings – such as earthquakes and the like – as you travel around the globe. Before you go, check out the best travel safety apps and you’ll be on your way to staying healthy.


Watch the Banks


Remember, the country you’re visiting might not have the same procedures as back home. Bank frauds happen all over the world, but they’re more common in certain countries. The scam is more or less the same: you use your card to withdraw cash, which you’ll get, but at the same time the owner of the machine will have all your essential card details. Goodbye cash. Protect your money by only using your cash at trustworthy ATMs. If it’s not a legitimate bank or you have any other concerns, don’t use the machine.


Be the Tourist


Ordinarily, the best travel advice is to leave the tourist spots behind and explore the local life instead. That might be fine in safe cities, but it’s not the best practice everywhere you go. If you’re visiting a destination where crime is an issue, stick to the heavily populated tourist zones. You might miss out on seeing local culture, but you’re less likely to be a victim of a crime.


Get to Know the Locals


Finally, you can use the internet to get to know the locals. Stay in an Airbnb with a local family, and you’ll have the best resource for staying safe. Should something happen, they’ll know what to do.


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