6 Things Your Web Design Company Should Be Doing

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Business

Having a well-designed website versus a poorly-designed website can mean the difference between making it, or breaking it, these days. Customers will make split-second decisions on which brand to give their business to, based purely on a homepage, so if you’re wanting to make a big splash and get your business off to a flying start (or if you want to take your existing business to the next level), you need an impressive, customer-friendly website. 


If you don’t have the specialist skills to do this yourself, then it’s time to get professionals on the job. But how do you know whether the company you’ve found are going to do a good job for you? Read on to discover six things your web design company should be doing for you.


1. Discovering the Purpose of Your Site


Your web design company should be asking you questions about what you want your website to do and suggesting ways to make the most out of the sales and marketing opportunities your website can present you with. If it’s little more than a glorified brochure, your web design company should certainly be guiding you to something more adventurous.


2. Thinking About Your Audience


Your web designers should be asking you questions about who your intended audience is, and thinking about how best to target them. What your audience is expecting is vital to the success of your site. If you’re targeting a younger demographic then your site may need to be designed differently from if it was an older demographic, for example.


3. Considering How It Will Help Your Sales


If your website is primarily to help you sell products, then how your website looks is only part of the design process. A large proportion of your product sales may come from email marketing, so ensuring that your visitors have a reason to hand over their email addresses could be extremely important. There’s a science to capturing your customers’ data, and your web design company should be able to help you with this.


4. Making Your Website Super Fast


People like fast websites and get impatient fingers when they have to wait. The amount of time people have to spend waiting for your website to load will be a key factor in their likelihood to give you their custom. Google recommends it take no longer than 2 seconds for a site to load, and that any longer than this will lead people to click away. For this reason, how fast your website loads is vital to the chances of your business being a success. You get one chance to keep people on your site when they arrive, and that is with the content you offer. If your site loads so slowly that your visitors navigate away before they even see your content, you have lost that visitor for good.


5. Using Analytics to Measure Your Results


Your web design company shouldn’t stop at just designing your site; they should also be thinking about how your audience interacts with it. For this, you will need to run some sort of analytical software that can analyze what your visitors are doing. Knowing that, for example, 50% of your visitors leave your site after one particular action, will allow you to remedy the issue and make it easier for your visitors to get at the content they’re looking for. Your web design team should be able to set all this up for you.


6. Being Available for Your Future Needs


There is little point employing a web design company to design your site if they are not interested in helping you manage it. A website is not a fixed product; it needs constant attention and should be continuously evolving. The web design company that you hire should be available to maintain your site if you want them to.





A badly designed website can do more harm than good. However, an expertly designed site can be an invaluable tool that not only shows your brand in the best possible light but also helps convert visitors into your site, into sales. By working as a team with your web design company, you should be able to achieve this.



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