A Healthy Approach To Travelling With A Medical Condition

by Jan 22, 2019Travel

Planning for an overseas trip can be stressful at the best of times. Travellers need to consider everything from flights to hotel bookings. Most even take a fair amount of time planning our travel itineraries. By the time we arrive in our destinations, then, most of us are very much in need to the break.



When travelling with an existing medical condition, though, booking flights looks like a walk in the park. That’s because you’ll have much bigger fish to fry in the lead up to your trip. Whether you have diabetes or rely on oxygen tanks, there will be a lot to consider to ensure that you stay safe for the duration of your time away.

Of course, everyone deserves the right to travel. You should never let medical conditions hold you back. But, it is worth noting that there are steps you’ll need to take before getting on that flight. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Over-stretch your supplies



Whatever your condition, it’s essential that you pack at least a week’s extra supplies. This may seem extreme, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. People with diabetes should stock up on enough insulin to last even if there are delays with their flights. Patients on dialysis need to take spares of all necessary machinery as well as a surplus supplies. That means extra needles and a spare dialysis liquid filter or two. It’s also worth spreading the load. It’s no good putting all your medication in a bag which could get lost. Make sure you always have medicine to hand by spreading your supply between your hand luggage and primary bag wherever possible.


Never skip on insurance


No matter what steps you take to stay safe while travelling, you can’t guarantee that your health will stay on top. That’s why it’s also crucial you take out a well-covered insurance plan. This is essential for any traveller but is especially important for you. If things do go wrong, you need to know you can seek care without financial repercussions. Insurance is the only way to make sure of that. You may need to pay over the odds because of your condition, but you could still save a fortune with this one step.

Get a medical information card



If you have a condition like epilepsy, the chances are that you’ll already have a medical alert identifier of sorts. If not, it’s worth getting a card printed with your medical information before you go. That way, an overseas doctor will have quick access to your medical history in case of an emergency. Straight away, they’ll see what your condition is, and what medications you’re already on. This speed could be the difference between life and death, all because you thought ahead. This type of identification also ensures that an overseas doctor can contact your GP if needs be. That fact alone could put your mind at ease and ensure you enjoy every second of your travels.


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