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by | Mar 5, 2019 | Business

Are you working in a sick or healthy space? A strange question if you don’t think about your office environment from one day to the next but working somewhere that sucks the life out of your creativity or is just plain uncomfortable could be driving your business output way down.

We take a look at how to make your sad space into one that inspires productivity and might even save you money in the long-run.



Hard to get it right, but when you get it wrong it can be really wrong. Take a look at the main source of light in your office space. Is it coming from overhead strip lights or from a natural source or perhaps a bit of both?  Quite simply, the more natural light you can incorporate, the better your eye health and your overall health will be. Natural light reminds you of the time of day and helps keep your body clock regulated, plus it helps to reduce glare on computer screens leading to a reduction in strained eyesight and headaches.

Of course, another knock on effect is a reduction in your electricity bill so if you’re looking to make savings, you might consider talking to energy saving experts, the ESOS consultants at Encope.



Yes, we’re talking about those ergonomic chairs that are designed to fit to individual users and not just any old office chair. You might not notice it immediately but over time those poorly fitted chairs will add stress and strain to your back, shoulders and neck leading to any number of health problems. And it’s these problems that require specific medical attention. If you care about the health and well being of yourself or your employees and don’t want to get lumbered with hefty medical bills, make sure everyone is sitting comfortably.



The same goes for desk height and those little added extras such as anti-glare screen protectors and wrist rests. Investing in your health and the health of those around you really does pay off in the long term.

Take a look at other areas of your office where a little bit of thoughtful furniture placement might help. Do you have an adequate break out area for team meetings and a rest area to eat lunch, share a cup of coffee and just take a five-minute break from your screen?

Get it right and your healthy office space will be nothing short of inspirational, get it wrong and you’ll be fighting off sickness and poor output, not to mention ever increasing energy bills.

Think today about the space where you work, where you spend the vast majority of your working week. Where you can incorporate more natural light, get it done even if that means shifting around some office furniture.

Consider your chair and your desk height and how you sit at your station. If you slump over, try and sit more squarely and give your back and neck the chance to avoid unnecessary stress.

Little things that make big differences.


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