The weather that we’re experiencing at the minute is just not the type of weather that we’re interested in. It’s getting colder, it’s far more grey, and the general atmosphere of life is just going downhill. The summer vibes are slipping away from us faster than they ever have before, and now it feels like the time to start admitting that winter is well and truly on its way. Now, winter is a time where we’d all prefer to be wrapped up in our beds, surrounded by pillows and duvet, with Netflix asking us if we’re still there. But sometimes even our homes seem not as inviting as they could do, and that might just be because they’re geared up for the summer that we’ve just had, not the winter that we’re about to have. So, we’re going to show you how you can beat the dreary weather, with some of the best home additions that we can find! Keep on reading to find out more.



Keeping It Warm & Toast


Toasty and warm should be the goal of this winter, because if the other years are anything to go by, toasty and warm is what we’re going to need to be. So, to do this, you don’t necessarily need to have the heating on full blast, but you should think about adding a warm glow to the rooms. To do this, we think Autumn scented candles are the best. No matter whether you’re male or female, the glow of a candle whilst you’re sat on the sofa with the TV on, just adds the ambience you need. You definitely need to find yourself a fluffy rug as well. Fluffy rugs in the living room are perfect additions, they often center the room, and it’s great to be able to lie on one in front of the fire, with a good film on! But as it stands, keeping the heating on as much as you can will help you to feel nice and toasty!


Thinking Practical


Practical thinking is definitely needed this winter. One of the ways that a home usually gets slightly ruined at this time of the year, is everyone walking through the home with shoes on, or wet coats being chucked on the floor. So indoor door mats are essential in our opinion. They really do make a home look more homely, protect the flooring underneath, and prevent all those moody footprints you spend your time cleaning up! As for the coats, having coat hooks in the garage is a good little tip, rather than having it thrown on the bedroom floor, or staying all damp in a pile by the front door!


Making Your Room 10x Better


To make your room 10x better, you have to make it as cosy as possible. One thing that we’d recommend, is looking for one of the fleece beddings that are circulating at the minute. They’re not too thick that you end up feeling boiling hot or night, and they’re not too thin that it’s pointless having them!



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