Beautiful Hiking Trails for Amazing Walking Holidays

by Apr 16, 2018Travel

If you’re into holidays that force you to stay active and which allow you to explore more of the place you’re visiting, including many places that the average tourist would not see, you cannot beat the walking holiday.


Walking holidays are fantastic because they take you deeper into nature and enable you to spend time amongst native flora and fauna which are much more interesting than the average hotel pool! If you’re thinking about going on a walking holiday, here are some of the most amazing hiking trails to consider:


Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand

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If you’re looking for a hiking trail that offers a whole lot of variety, the te Araroa Trail in New Zealand is the trails for you. Spanning diverse landscapes of jungle bush, alpine ridges, and golden coastal sand, the trail takes you through beautiful national parks and picturesque farmland as you travel along its 1.864 miles. There’s even a volcano to visit along the way. Obviously, you probably aren’t going to be doing the full 1,864 unless you have months to spare, so you’re probably going to want to take a look at to plan your trip so you can take in as many of the sights that you’re interested in as possible. Whanganui National Park is one place on the trail that you aren’t going to want to miss.


Tour Du Mont Blanc, France, Switzerland, and Italy

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If you’re looking for a great place to go walking in Europe, then arguably you cannot beat the Tour Du Mont Blanc, which spans three European countries and which, at 100 miles, you can easily complete in a week to 10 days. What makes this trail so special is the fact that you can see the best of rural France, the Alps of Switzerland and the beauty of Italy all in one trip. Not only that but the challenge of circumventing Mont Blanc, which is almost 16,000 feet tall and the beauty of the glaciers wild flowers, amazing meadows, and wonderful cuisine make for a challenging and awe-inspiring hiking trip that you will never forget. Ideally, you should visit in the summer when you won’t be hindered by snow, and all of the huts are open.


Everest Base Camp, Nepal

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Trekking to Everest Base Camp is an incredible journey with scenery to die for. As well as getting a good view of Mount Everest, you’ll also be rewarded by spectacular views of Mount Chomolungma and the sights and smells that come with the beautiful blooming orchids and rhododendrons, as well as the pretty Nepalese village of Lukla. You’ll want to visit Shoe Ratings and find yourself a good pair of hiking boots before you tackle the 185-mile trip though because it can be pretty challenging. Just make sure you don’t go in monsoon season, or you will be disappointed.



Hiking is one of those things that doesn’t sound appealing to everyone, but which everyone should try at least once for the unique experience it provides, and these three trails are arguably the best ones to get started with.



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