Bossing It! How To Earn Respect And Inspire Your Employees

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Business

Managing a team of any size is no mean feat. Taking control of a group of people requires leadership skills, and not everyone is blessed with a natural ability to take charge. If you’re a business owner, your skills may lie in other areas, but to succeed, you need to be able to command respect and inspire your employees to give their all for you. If you’re on a mission to be the world’s best boss, here’s a guide that may come in handy.



Draw on previous experiences

Most people don’t get to the top of the tree without having to negotiate several branches along the way. Use your own experiences as an employee to shape your leadership style. Draw on the positives and the negatives, and think about what kinds of character traits and management styles had an impact on you. There is no cookie-cutter mould for a great boss, but you can utilise your personal experiences to benefit those around you and create your own unique style.


Invest in your own development

Many company bosses focus on trying to develop the skills of their workforce and facilitate achievement and growth, but you should never stop learning. As an employer, there may be areas that don’t match your skill set or your career experience, and it’s never too late to invest in your own personal development. You might have business acumen in bundles, you might have brilliantly creative ideas and inventions, and you may be a pro when it comes to selling your brand and promoting products, but what if you have no experience in managing employees? Taking a management skills course is an excellent means of gaining new skills and getting an idea of what it takes to lead a successful, cohesive team. This is an opportunity to expand your skills and broaden your horizons, and it also shows a level of commitment and dedication, which should motivate and inspire your employees.


Take time to listen

There’s nothing more frustrating in the workplace than feeling like people are constantly talking over you, or failing to take any of your ideas on board. Communication is crucial in any business, and as the boss, it’s vital to recognise the importance of listening. Catching up with your team and organising meetings isn’t just a chance to chat and talk. It’s also an opportunity to listen. Your employees might have concerns, they might want to talk to you about problems they’re experiencing, or they might have ideas that they’re keen to share.



If you run a business, you want to be the kind of boss that employees look up to and respect. Leadership skills don’t come naturally to everyone, and being a manager can be a complex, difficult role. If you’re not a natural leader, or you have very limited experience in taking control of a team, there are many steps you can take to hone your skills and inspire your employees. Use your own experiences as an employee, make sure you listen to the people around you and invest in your personal development.


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