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by | Jul 29, 2019 | Business

One of the things that every business coach will tell you is that your online brand is essential. It is the place where pretty much all of your potential customers and clients will look for you first. If you skimp out on making it match your offline services and offerings, then you are potentially missing out on a lot of business. 


Online branding isn’t too difficult to work on, but sometimes it is difficult to get right. It takes time and effort – both of which is something you will want to spend to get it right. 


What Is Your Brand

There should be total synchronicity about how you think of your brand and how outsiders see it. What do you stand for? What are your values? If you could sum your brand up in three words, what would they be? Ask someone you trust to give you some words that they would associate with your brand too. And see how much of what they say and what you think overlap. If there is no similarities consider how you might bring your branding into line with what you think, make changes, and seek more feedback. 


Who Are You Talking To?

You know what your brand provides and how you want it to be seen, but does it correlate to your ideal customer? You should already have a firm idea of who your customers are, so make sure that your branding is reaching them in the right way. How do they prefer to communicate? Facebook? Twitter? Or maybe even email. Since we are talking online branding here, where do your customers hang out, and how can you make sure that you have somewhere for them?



Big brands are always using other people as the face of their campaigns. Or in some cases, just their logo. And, of course, that works well – for them. But, they are already giants and have a loyal following. But, you are going to need to be a familiar face. Clients and customers are going to feel better buying and interacting with you if they can see your face – on your website, on your social media channels, on any PR that you are doing… you get the idea. You are your brand – so front it. 


Be There & Don’t

Social media can be scheduled months in advance. So make sure that you do that. Have exciting content lined up. You want to position yourself as an expert. In order to do that you’ll need to have a lot of content that fits in your remit flowing into your social media channels. So that is the ‘don’t’ bit covered. You don’t have to man you channels 24/7 – in fact, if you do, you’re wasting time that would be better spent elsewhere. 


Be there? Well, that is the engagement part and live posting. If you can carve out some time each day to respond to questions and comments where applicable and post real-time stuff too. You are aiming for a mix that isn’t going to cost you the earth in terms of time and will provide you with a constant flow of content – making you relevant, and more visible. 


And finally, know that building a reputable brand from scratch won’t happen overnight. It will take time and determination to get it right – so do your research, be thorough with what you want and get it right. 


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