Building Long Term Relationships

by Jun 18, 2019Life

Remember the dating game? Getting dressed in your best and going to the movies or dinner together, trying to make a good impression. Maybe, hoping this time it will be someone you really like and can connect with and who will feel the same as you. Sometimes it can be a bit of a minefield but when the magic does happen and you meet someone you like and it’s reciprocated so begins those early days of your relationship. With delightful anticipation and butterflies in your belly, off you go spending time in the local parks and restaurants, enjoying trips together and getting to know each other. Discovering things you have in common is always exciting, but as the relationship progresses, there are things that you will need to work through if you want it to work long term. These are normal and all couples will reach this stage eventually, it’s all about how you tackle each issue. Here are some of the ways you can ensure your relationship stands the test of time.


Resolve Disagreements Maturely


Eventually, as your relationship grows stronger and you become inseparable, it becomes a partnership. However, just because you’re close doesn’t mean disagreements won’t occur. You’re still two different people and can have conflicting views on some topics. Two-way communication is the key, respectfully airing your views and feelings and listening to your partner as you gently move your way through any differences to mutually agree on an outcome. Always keep the lines of communication open and remember to let your partner speak, really listening to what they have to say. It’s the healthy and mature way to sort things out. So never leave things to stew or go to bed on an a disagreement if you can help it, then you can begin a new day on a fresh page.


Think About Commitment


When you have a balanced and happy life together and everything is going well, you may start thinking about commiting on a deeper level. You have built enough trust and your love for each other is blossoming and growing ever stronger, getting engaged is the next logical step. That time between marriage where you tell family and friends you love each other and intend to marry can be a nervous one. It’s also a period of time where you let the world know you have a significant other and intend to spend your life with them. Strengthening the bonds between you as you build your life together and eventually begin to make plans for your wedding day. When it’s time for the big day consider your wedding ceremony options to make the day as magical as can be.


Making a relationship stand the test of time is not so difficult with good communication skills,  mutual respect and trust. We all strive for a happy life with someone special and when we find it, it can be built with strong foundations to stand the test of time. From that first date to your wedding day can be a rollercoaster of emotions, experiences and learning curves. This makes for a healthy relationship and a life together of understanding, compassion and love.  


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