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Finding good cake is a major achievement for me. I judge many eating establishments by the dessert menu. One bad dessert and I won’t be returning. When it comes to judging cake I’d give that Mary Berry a run for her money. So when Latch, Preston asked me if I’d like to pop along and sample their cakes, naturally, I didn’t say no. And they gave me lunch too!


Latch Preston is a new concept micro bar recently opened on Guildhall Street in the centre of Preston. They also have another branch in Chorley. It’s a small venue with an eye-catching interior and an amazing champagne and cocktail menu. A more grown-up establishment that Preston is crying out for.


Finding great cake is like finding a bit of heaven so when I found Latch Preston I was delighted! And they serve amazing lunch too!


By day they serve a selection of lunch platters to suit all tastes. From the traditional with cooked meats, cheeses, and salads. A vegan variety with feta and spinach samosas, tofu and tomato kebabs, stuffed red peppers, Moroccan couscous all topped off with a spicy red pepper dip. And a deli platter with pate, salad, chutney and couscous. Along with a side of cocktail olives.


My favourite was definitely the pate. It was so light and tasty with an almost mousse-like texture. I’ll certainly be having that for lunch again soon.


One thing I did love about the menu was that everything was sourced locally and freshly prepared. They also offered gluten free options and could tell me what was in everything. Since I have a nut allergy I tend to get put off eating in places that can’t be specific about what’s in everything, but Latch, Preston had this covered.


And then there was cake


Finding great cake is like finding a bit of heaven so when I found Latch Preston I was delighted! And they serve amazing lunch too!


After getting through the formalities of the main course it was on to the all-important cake. Obviously, due to my allergy, I couldn’t sample the full range, but I had a damn good go at everything else.


Finding great cake is like finding a bit of heaven so when I found Latch Preston I was delighted! And they serve amazing lunch too!

Wow! Seriously good cake. The chocolate fudge cake was amazing. Sometimes I find fudge cake can be a bit heavy and dry and needs something to go with it, but this was gorgeous and moist and didn’t feel heavy at all (I could probably manage 2 slices). The gluten free brownie was also fab and tasted no different to if it had been packed full of gluten.


The miniature bite size cakes were all just as lovely, especially the lemon variety. But let me tell you about the strawberry torte. OMG! It is just amazing and certainly warrants a second slice. It was one of those cakes that make you feel sad when you get to the end of it because you don’t want it to be over. I think I feel just a little bit in love with it.



Cool interior at Latch Preston



The venue itself is very art deco but not too much that you’d think you walked into the wrong place. The walls have the most amazing hand paintings that really pop off the walls with a cool yet chic vibe. This would be a great place for a private function either a birthday party or a corporate launch type event. It’s one I’ll certainly be keeping in mind for my clients and PR’s I work with at Socially Famous PR.


You can find Latch Preston at 20 Guildhall Street and links are below for their social media. And if you pop in be sure to let them know I sent you.




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Latch Preston Instagram


Latch Preston did not pay me for this review but they did feed me some exceptionally good food.


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