Catering For The Kids On Holiday

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Life

When you have children, a lot changes in your life. Anyone can see that. You have more responsibilities, more aspirations, more hopes and more worries. You’ve got more everything! That applies to your holidays and vacations as well. You’ve got more people to bring with you when you get out and about. We’re talking about your kids. There’s a lot to cater for when you are travelling with the kids! Your life changes, your habits change and your holidays will change.


It’s nothing to get disappointed about, in fact, it’s a chance to broaden your horizons and open yourself up to new ventures and places! Let’s not beat around the bush though. Going anywhere with kids can be difficult, let alone going somewhere new. You’ll have to adjust your expectations of what a holiday means. For instance, it might not be suitable to take them backpacking across Goa, but they’d be happy to jump head-first into an all-inclusive stay at Disneyland! Put them first.


It's obvious that you cannot take the kids anywhere you'd want. However, this means some new options arise. Where will you head to on holiday?


Try and keep the kids distracted as much as you can during transit. Planes and travel are scary things for kids, and they don’t take to them well! Distractions from the loud roars, long times and noises of travel can help them stay calm. Earplugs, books, games, headphones – anything that is small and portable will be of a big help.


Now, it’s obvious that you cannot take the kids anywhere you’d want. However, this means some new options arise. Where will you head?


If you want a beach holiday – you want to stick to the resorts. Resorts offer a safe environment for the kids, and lots of treats, snacks and activities. Simply enquire with your local travel agent, as there are too many resort getaways to describe! You could go everywhere from Lanzarote to Nice – just ensure you bring your suncream – kids, like you, are vulnerable to the sun!


If you’ve had enough of the sun, you might head for the snow. Finnish Lapland is a popular family destination, where people flock to see Father Christmas at the North Pole. You’ll stop at a fully serviced apartment in Ruka, and you’ll be able to sort yourself out with some fine Finnish cuisine in this self-catering venture. Remember to bring your cold-weather clothes, because it is seriously cold out here!


You might head out semi-locally. Caravan parks and holiday homes exist across the country – from Wales to Brean Sands. Providers like Pontins, Haven and others aren’t the most stylish, but they offer simple breaks for families, which is what we want – ideally. If we can remove a lot of the stress from a holiday with the kids, we can call it a success there and then!


If you are traveling with the kids, it means that you need your holiday plans to cater for them, but thankfully there are plenty of suitable destinations for families in this day and age. Just take your pick and head out to your next destination. Just don’t leave the kids at home!

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