Converting Your Attic Into A Home Office: 5 Things You Need To Do

by Oct 4, 2019Business

People who work or run a business from home are told that they have to create a set space for their office, rather than working from their couch or kitchen table. It’s a sound principle, and one that helps to keep a divide between “working” and “living” space, but there is a potential problem many people encounter: what if there’s no spare room available to turn into an office? 


If you are facing the above issue, then one of the best solutions is to convert your attic into usable office space. This idea can work very well, and is preferable to building an extension as you are simply utilizing the space you already have rather than needing to reduce the size of your garden. If you are tempted to try it for yourself, here are five things you’ll need to do to ensure the conversion is a complete success… 


#1 – Check if you require planning permission


As well as preserving outdoor space, attic conversions are preferable to extensions as they do not usually require planning permission – so there’s no need to go through the laborious process of contacting your council prior to starting work. However, this is not always the case, so it’s always best to ask a professional builder or architect for advice in this regard (even if it is just planning or clearing the space) on the conversion before you do any work, so you know exactly where you stand. 


#2 – Focus on light and heat to ensure comfort 


Light and heat will be big factors in how comfortable your office is to work in every day, so extra focus in this area is definitely beneficial. Natural light is preferable if possible, so a skylight is always a valuable inclusion in the development; alternatively, “daylight” LED bulbs can create the same effect and are thus well worth using. In terms of heat, opting for spray foam insulation is a great choice that can ensure you’re able to work in a warm, pleasant environment.


#3 – Make sure your wifi coverage reaches the attic 


It’s natural to assume that your home’s existing wifi connection will extend into the attic, but this isn’t always the case; the further you are from the router, the higher the chance of lower speeds and poor connectivity. Thankfully, wifi extenders (which are sometimes referred to as “boosters”) can help to address the problem. 


#4 – Consider a video doorbell 


If you’re in the middle of the work day and the doorbell rings, you’ll have to move – quickly – from the very top of the house to the bottom, which is far from convenient and can be disruptive. A video doorbell is a convenient solution to this issue; you can check who the caller is and, if necessary, issue instructions without having to leave your desk. 


#5 – Add a fridge and kettle (or coffee maker) for extra convenience


You don’t have to add appliances to your workspace if you would rather not do so. However, it can really help to keep you focused and in the work “zone” (both literally and metaphorically) if you do not need to continually take trips to your kitchen when you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

By focusing on ensuring all of the above are achieved, your newly-converted attic will the ideal setting for your home office.


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