Creative Careers That Pay Really Well

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Business

There’s a really big and unfortunate misconception around creative careers that they pay very little – think starving artist or struggling author. However, this really isn’t the case, and of course, you can struggle to make money in any career, including some creative ones, but if you have the right approach and strategy you can easily find a very creative and rewarding career that allows you to make great money doing something you enjoy.


In this post, we’re sharing some of our favourite creative careers that pay really well, so if you’re looking for a change then maybe one of these will appeal to you.




The official definition of a copywriter is someone who writes text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. As a copywriter, you would be responsible for things like writing web copy to be displayed on websites and marketing content such as blogs and newsletters, but you could also write traditional offline copy for catalogues, brochures, and even tv, radio or billboard commercials. Copywriting covers so many areas and is needed in every industry that there are limitless possibilities for creativity and specialization in this career. You can either work directly for a company within their marketing department, within a marketing or advertising agency, though many copywriters choose to work for themselves as freelancers because they have more control over the projects they work on and how much they make. Senior copywriters, also known as heavyweight copywriters can quite easily make a 6-figure income from their work.


Graphic Designer:


If you have talents in the area of drawing and designing, then you could easily find yourself a very enjoyable career as a graphic designer. In this job, you’ll find that you’re working on a range of things like designing the graphics for people’s websites and marketing materials, but you could also focus on print graphics such as greeting cards, wedding invitations, stationery, and even clothing. Like copywriters, graphic designers often work directly with companies or agencies – usually alongside the copywriter. However, many of them will also prefer to work freelance for the same reasons as copywriters. For inspiration and ideas on some of the things you could be designing if working as a graphic designer, then take a look at places like




The ability to capture moments through photos is something that most people can do with a camera, but there’s a certain skill that a professional photographer has, and this is why people hire them because they know the quality of the work will be completely different. If you love to take photographs, then a career as a photographer could be a great choice and allow you to earn a very decent income since most people know that good photography is worth paying for. This is especially true if you’re a wedding photographer or newborn photographer because people want these special moments to be captured in the best way possible.




Architects will design everything from rooms to complete houses and even office complexes or ships, so there’s a great deal of creativity that goes into this and it’s a job that pays extremely well due to the nature of the businesses you’ll be working with, which includes multinational corporations, and even governments.


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