Creative And Romantic? Why The Two Should Come Together

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Many of us like to think we’re quite creative. When it comes to relationships, though, not all of us get to flex our creative muscles. Is this a lack of imagination, or that the relationship is stifling? Who knows? But if you are a creative person, your creativity should be free to be expressed and supported by your significant other. After all, we should strive to be ourselves, regardless of the people we’re with.


Your expression of creativity might begin with the very first date. Something as simple as putting together your outfit for a night out gives you a chance to be creative with your look. You might even try something new, or buy something special for the occasion. What date would be complete without a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Chances are some thought went into the choice of blooms. Colours or even the hidden meaning of each flower might have been important to the giver.


When you’re young and (reasonably) care-free, you want to go out and have fun. You also want to experience as many different things as possible. So get creative with your date venues and activities! There are plenty of things you might enjoy that you never thought of. Why not make a few suggestions yourself? Have you ever been trampolining? What about cycling along the towpath? These definitely beat the traditional drink at a bar.

Creative And Romantic? Why The Two Should Come Together

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As you start to fall in love, you might find your creativity gets a big boost. Don’t rely on shop-bought cards for Valentines. Write your own poem, or record a short song. Design a card, or bake a decorative cake. There are so many ways to make life more interesting when you’re in a relationship that promotes your creativity!


Of course, over time, you might be talking about getting married. The creativity within each of you needn’t stop there. You can design your own jewellery for the engagement or wedding bands. You can even design and create your own wedding outfits. Making and creating is hugely rewarding, and it’s good for the soul. It can help you to relax or inspire you to do great things in life. If you love being creative, why shouldn’t that be paired just like the two of you?


Chances are every romantic gesture that really means something to you would have been the most creative, unique, and personal ones. They’re the ones you record, keep and talk about the most. They’re special, and they’re treasured. Think about all those movies and books of romantic tales out there. The art of telling those stories is a creative act in itself. Imagine the poet, the author, the painter, and the crafter – love went into each and every work.


During the course of any relationship, especially long-term partnerships, you have to get creative to keep it interesting and strong. Time can make things stagnant and stale, so you have to inject a little inspiration and fun into things. Make sure you’ve always got a personal outlet for all that creativity inside of you. Your partner will fall in love with it.


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