Developing A New Makeup Line – Your Fundamental Needs

by | May 9, 2019 | Business

It might be that you’ve been somewhat inspired by the popularity of the online beauty community as of late, and you wish to run your own business with its own makeup line. To us, that sounds absolutely wonderful. There’s a huge market for this kind of product, and not only that, but because it’s a consumable there will always be the possibility of perennially selling many products as long as they’re up to the quality your customers expect.


But before we think about selling, formulating a makeup lab is perhaps one of the most important things you can do. Developing makeup in the most human, hygienic and routinely tested manner can help you not only help you craft the kind of product your customers expect, but to go further beyond those expectations and deliver a fantastic product. To that end, we would recommend a few handy setup and business tips and tricks to help you get started.


Remember, these products are highly competitive, and star power can often help you stay in the game. Let us consider what that might look like:


Setting Up Your Lab


Once you have the professionals to hand, it’s important to give them the equipment necessary. A temperature-controlled, hygienic, secured and bacteria-free facility can help your R&D team develop new shades, palettes, and can test the makeup on willing participants looking to involve themselves with you. Animal testing is a quite-obvious no-no. In fact, the elements surrounding a makeup professional’s work and a food scientist’s efforts are quite similar. Both need an eye for chemical compounds and the careful manipulation of a formula. Both need a sterile lab environment, using tools such as PH electrodes and Sentek PH electrode replacements. Both refine to get to the end product, and apply for certifications from a governing body. To this end, setting up your lab is essential, and you can find more information here.




Makeup is all about beauty and self-expression, so to that end it can be a great idea to send out free pallets to influencers within the community. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, just these three platforms can be enough to help your line gain coverage should you want that for  yourself. In fact, it can be quite humbling to see someone praise or constructively criticise your line, and you’ll be sure to find that. It can be worthwhile to consider the most followed beauty influencers to see where your efforts are best directed.


Try To Be Inclusive

Makeup has been going from stride to stride lately, and one of the main priorities more and more lines are facing is providing makeup to those who might want it most, but as yet have limited options. We’re talking about those with all tones of skin, freckles, perhaps even acne they wish to safely cover. Being inclusive with your makeup line can not only help you encourage people to feel their best selves, but it also spreads enjoyment.


With these tips, developing a new makeup line is sure to be worthwhile.

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