Developing Your Career Goals

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Business

We all have ambitions in life, they might not all be career focussed but they will all need to be fueled by wages. That is why finding the right job is going to at the core of any goals you set yourself. You might be working towards a house, a big trip, or even just a better working life; but regardless of what you are aiming for you should be happy in your employment. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can achieve career goals to ensure your overall life is being funded by a positive position.




The value of education when it comes to improving your working opportunities can never be overstated, it is critical. Due to the abundance of degrees that are available these days, most companies expect some sort of higher education as a basic requirement. However, not all companies will demand that.


  • Degree


If you are already working full-time, finding the time to get yourself a degree is going to be something of a challenge. Well, thanks to the internet the ease with which you can know earn a qualification on your own schedule has become a simple as clicking your mouse. So, there might be a bit more work to it than that, but part-time courses are available to you and they can often be done as quickly or slowly as you need. Giving you the chance to earn a degree while earning a full-time wage.


  • Skills


Degrees aren’t for everybody and just developing skills to boost your CV might be enough. If that sounds like you then you should explore the opportunities that have been created by major tech firms like LinkedIn and Google. These courses develop skills that businesses are eager to have in their employees and will improve your hire-ability or promotion potential.





The internet has also created great opportunities for the working world to develop greater skills online through freelance work. Here are two examples of that kind of work that might be of use to you as you look to develop your CV.


  • Online Work


Websites like Fiverr and Upwork have created a whole industry of freelancers that is providing opportunity to more people than ever before. Through these sites, you can promote the skills you have developed such as writing, communications, finance, graphic design, and many more. You will then be approached by members of the general public or companies that are looking to employ someone with your abilities on an ad-hoc basis. This demonstration of your experience will provide invaluable to potential employers.


  • App Gig Economy


As well as making the most of the internet to improve your career, you should also not be afraid of app-based work. Companies like Uber and Lyft have been providing people across the world with the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own vehicle and on a schedule that suits them. There are even ways to make driving for a living work for you, but just be careful when it comes to cutting costs on fuel. If you are driving a diesel vehicle, you can’t use Gas Oil Fuelbox to save money because of legislation against that – however, if you enter into the agricultural or boating world then you should revisit red diesel for help in the finance department.


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