A colourful awning is a great way to extend your outdoor space without spending a fortune. They give the protection you need from light rain and the sun without shutting out the open air. However, the biggest worry people have when thinking of installing an awning is how it will hold its own against weather conditions.

Awnings are treated pieces of fabric draped on a wood or aluminium frame. Learning the basic capabilities of the accessory before looking into retractable awnings for sale in the Philippines may give you more peace of mind.

Will the Sun Damage Your Awnings?

All materials, awnings included, are susceptible to photo-degeneration. This refers to the discolouration, fading and tearing which fabric and other materials undergo when exposed to the sun for long. Modern awnings have a special finish that reduces the impact of the sun’s UV rays on their appearance.

Couple this with specially designed colours made to resist fading due to UV rays and you get a reliable awning that can serve you well for long.

You still have to keep the awning clean and occasionally coat it with a protective gel if you want it to keep its quality and look for longer. High-quality awnings will last for over seven years before you may start seeing signs of discolouration from UV related ageing.

Are All Awnings Waterproof?

Awnings are made of a stretched canvas that is resistant to water as long as you don’t break its surface tension. An awning will keep the rain off for as long as it is stretched taut, clean and doesn’t have any holes on it. It works on the same principle tents use to keep you dry when out camping.

You can make your installation better at repelling water by using a waterproof coating after cleaning the awning. The petroleum-based waterproofing liquid not only helps your awning retain its original sheen and waterproof capabilities but also blocks most of the UV rays and other corrosive compounds in the environment.

Don’t forget to clean your awning thoroughly before applying the sealing liquid. Any stains or spots will not only degrade its appearance but also adversely affect your awning’s ability to repel water.

How Long Does an Awning Last?

Awnings last anytime between 5 and 15 years. Their lifespan depends on:

  •             The awning’s fabric
  •             Special treatment or finishing used to protect it from the elements
  •             How well you clean and maintain it
  •             Any external factors that might tear or rupture it

Most reputable manufacturers will give you a 5-year warranty. But if you clean your awning religiously and spray it with a quality sealing agent, you can easily live with a single awning for over 15 years.

Bottom Line

Awnings are a simple and practical way to extend your living area outdoors. However, they need extra care to keep them in good condition for a long time. You can’t ignore them for a whole year as you would your asphalt or iron roof and hope that they would hold up. The good news is that they are easy to clean but if you wish, you may also hire a professional to clean and maintain them for you.



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