Don’t Be The Business Grinch! Give Your Employees Some Holiday Cheer This Season

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Business

Tis the season to be jolly, so don’t be the like the Business Grinch.


Don’t spread misery among your employees.

Don’t ban the word ‘Christmas’ in your office.

Don’t scowl at them every time they whistle a festive tune.

Don’t refuse them the occasional mince pie.

And don’t make them work on Christmas Day, like miserable old Ebenezer Scrooge!


This is the season to get into the Christmas spirit. The time to celebrate all that is good about the season, with love for your fellow man and woman. The time when you lighten up a little, despite your heavy workload. It’s the time to spread some holiday cheer and to help you do just that, we have some advice for you right here.


So, put on your Christmas hat, pour yourself a cup of mulled wine, dig out a mince pie, and read on for some cheerful festive tips.


Here’s how to give holiday cheer to your employees this Christmas





Like Santa’s little helpers, the people in your employ will be busy getting your business ready for the Christmas season. To reward them for their efforts, and to say thank you for all of the hard work they have put in over the year, show them how much you care by doing some of these things this Christmas time.



Decorate the office. Okay, so you may want to cut back on the festive lights if you want to make savings on your utility bill, but the least you can do is put up a Christmas tree, hang some decorations from the ceiling, and stick an Advent Calendar on the wall. Then have some Christmas tunes playing in the background and your busy little elves… erm… staff members will be merry and bright as they do whatever it is they normally do in your workplace.


Have a holiday contest. In the spirit of fun, and perhaps with the odd gift or two as an incentive, create a contest for everyone to take part in. Who can make the best Christmas cake? Who can make the best decoration? Who can eat the most mince pies in under a minute? Who can balance the most Brussel sprouts on their head? Whatever you do, keep it cheerful and light, with no pressure to take part if people don’t want to.


Throw a Christmas party. Ah, the office Christmas party. A good idea in theory, but it can all go horribly wrong. If your staff are anti-social, they may feel awkward in a party setting. If your team have a tendency to drink a little too much, you might end up with one of the wild scenes from the appropriately titled movie, ‘Office Christmas Party.’ If you do throw a party, brainstorm ideas with your staff so they all feel comfortable, set some ground rules for the people who tend to go a little too crazy, and perhaps try one of these alternative themes to give your party a touch more creativity.


Give your staff a bonus. Put a smile on their face by putting something extra in their pay packet, or if you can’t afford a cash gift, perhaps choose something from the Christmas section on Dynamic Gift’s homepage. And if you do buy them a gift, try and get something that is meaningful to the person. Think of their hobbies when buying, or at the very least, add an inscription that is personal to your team member.


Do something charitable. Talk to your employees about the charities they support, and give accordingly using a share of your business profits. Alternatively, organise a fundraiser, make it Christmas themed, and use the sale of ticket prices to raise money for the charity in question. You might also take a more active role in supporting local charities, perhaps by organising a food drive for those in need or collecting toys to support local children’s charities.


Create a Christmas calendar. This is something that will be used all year round and is a perfect gift for your employees. Collect photos of your team, look online for a company to put something together, or use an online calendar maker to create your own, and customise it as much as possible to make it personal for your team and business.


Hire extra staff over Christmas. If Christmas is a busy time for your business, you don’t want to burn your poor employees out. They will only end up calling in sick, and that won’t serve you well when you’re trying to get everything organised for the Christmas season. So, contact a local temping firm and bring some people in part-time, or outsource some of your team’s regular tasks elsewhere to take some of the burden off their busy shoulders.


Let your employees work from home. If your business model allows it, let your employees work from home for some of the Christmas period. Especially should the weather turn worse, making the daily commute difficult, this makes perfect sense. It will also give your employees more time at home with their families, so for their work-life balance, allowing them to work at home may be good for their morale. Well, unless they want to get away from their Christmas visitors that is, in which case, you may want to make an extra set of office keys for them!


Give your employees paid leave. We are assuming you’re not Scrooge, dragging them into work every day over the Christmas period. Think about their families! Think of Tiny Tim (or whatever their kids are called)! Think about your team’s overall health and wellbeing. They need time off, and so do you, so allow one or two weeks of paid leave over the holiday period. If you did as we suggested above, or if you organise your staff rotas ahead of time, you can still keep your business ticking over during Christmas, without it sinking like the Titanic.





So, there we have it. Some very good ideas to give your employees some holiday cheer! Let us know what you think, and if you have any other festive tips, be sure to let us know.


We wish you (and your employees) a very merry Christmas!



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