What To Expect From Your First Time Go Karting

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Think go karting is just for petrol-heads? You’re not alone. Go karting is something you may never have experienced before if you didn’t try it at a birthday party or on a school trip. However, now you’re an adult, you might find yourself roped into taking part, as part of a hen or stag party, 30th birthday outing or any other occasion that calls for a group activity. Knowing what to expect will help you feel more prepared for it, and who knows, you might even find a fun new hobby as a result?


Before you go

Don’t think you’re ruled out of go karting because you haven’t got a driving licence – there’s a reason why kids go kart! Unlike being in a car, go karting merely has some height requirements, that will decide whether or not you are put into junior class or senior class racing. As an adult, it’s very unlikely you will be put in the junior class! It doesn’t hurt to read up on how to drive a go kart first so that you’re a bit more familiar with how it works. Turn up prepared for driving by wearing closed shoes (definitely no flip flops or sandals!) and comfortable clothing.


Checking in

When you arrive at the race track, you’ll be given some forms to fill in, and you’ll most likely have to watch a briefing video before you’re able to get in a car. You’ll be told all about the rules and safety requirements from the instructors to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe experience. GoKart safety procedures will vary from track to track, but it’s important to listen at this stage to make sure you know what you’re doing. If you have any questions at all, don’t be afraid to ask them – it’s better to ask than to be left unsure and at risk of having an accident.


Getting ready

If your group has been organised and has shown up early, you’ll get some time to chill before you race. There’s usually a snack bar or somewhere to get a soft drink before you start so you can all catch up and exchange race banter first. Try not to fill up on too much food and drink; you don’t want to be sick during your session!




Do you think go karting is just for petrol-heads? You’re not alone. Knowing what to expect will help you feel more prepared for it.

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Your nerves about go karting will soon disappear when you get in the go kart, and the competitive spirit kicks in. The longer you race, the more confident you’ll be in your skills and ready to try out different go kart techniques. Once the race is over, you can check your results and see who really is the fastest and most furious among you!


Go karting is a really fun activity, and once you get over the initial nervousness, you’ll find that you love it! It’s a great activity to do with the kids as well once they’re old enough to try it. If go karting isn’t your thing, there are many other fun activities you can try with the family or friends that you can enjoy together.

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