Family Milestones: Throwing Your Child A ‘Double Digits’ Party!

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Life

As a parent, there are many milestones you and your family will go through over time. As the ‘author’ of your family unit, each time you pass one should be a cause for utmost celebration, laughter and love. In order to fill your family collection photo book with cherished and lovely memories, you’ll need to throw a few family events in order to bring everyone together and have an excuse to do this celebration.


One of the largest milestones of your children’s life is when they leave the age of single digits and become 10 years old. This marks the beginning of a decade of complete development, the decade in which they will change the most out of any period in their life. They will learn what hobbies and activities they enjoy, what subjects at school they respond to best, and maybe even get their first taste of young love.


However, when your child is still ten years old, this might feel like an absolutely herculean effort to imagine so far in the future. Instead, you should find a way to celebrate the remainder of their infancy, before they grow up, which happens faster than you might expect. You should throw a ‘double digits party,’ that celebrates everything they have come to love so far.


Here are a few tips to make it the best kids party you’ve thrown thus far.


Make It Official


Due to the fact that children are happy with almost anything as long as they can play with it, it might tempting to cut corners and throw a party on the cheap. You certainly needn’t waste your money on frivolous items, but making your party feel like an official event on the calendar not only prevents parents from planning instead of it, and instead planning around it, but it helps you add more of a contributive effort to every consideration possible.


For example, instead of simply inviting your friends through social media or word of mouth on the school playground, why not use a pure invitation, designed with your child’s tastes in mind, to imbue your event with a sense of magic and suspense? Children have wild imaginations, and receiving an invite such as this will only bolster their excitement for the event.


Goody bags


‘Goody bags’ are little treat boxes that you can craft in order to thank the guests for attending. They usually involve a slice of birthday cake, a few little sweets and treats, a thank you note and a little toy from the event. They are a great way to round off the event, and show your appreciation to those who attend. Sure, you’re going out of your way to host and pay for a party, but what is that without the people who come to celebrate your child’s milestone age with you?




The only way your child will feel like the event is theirs is if they have some identifiable theme for them to latch on to. Usually, children feel an affinity for their favourite television show or movie, and that’s always a strong place to begin to organise a party’s theming. Young lads usually enjoy superhero adventures such as Spiderman or Thor, and so ask yourself if you’d like to make your party a fancy-dress superhero affair. This allows for a great degree of creativity from both boys and girls


If you’re throwing a party for your daughter, it’s pretty impossible to understate how effective a disney princess/fairy party can be. Not only does it provide a common, easy theme for parents to source outfits for, but it allows your little girls to express their inner princess, something that they seize the opportunity to do with intensity.




Hiring a catering service is relatively unnecessary for children, but if you choose to self-cater, you need to make sure that the food you provide the children is completely free of allergens if they have any. You should approach this with the surgical precision of a chef, using separate surfaces to create different food, or forgoing certain ingredients entirely.


For example, if your child LOVES peanut butter, but two children attending the party have peanut allergies, it’s worth having a simple word with your child about how you’re unable to provide them with what they like. No matter how separate you try and keep the food sources, children, especially children playing get close in proximity, and an allergy might trigger this way through general rough and tumble. You can always give them what they want after the party has ended. Opt for general party foods such as fruits, nibbles, sweets, crisps but also nourishing foods such as good sandwiches or light meats.


These tips can help anyone throw a great kids birthday party.

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