Give A New Online Business That Professional Sheen

by Oct 9, 2019Business

A brand new business has it rough, especially in the intensely competitive online business world we now live in. You have the challenge of being relatively unknown and untested, at least in the public eye, and a market of competitors all more established than you. How do you find yourself some space amongst them?



Invest in your own brand style

Just as a generic-looking store can put off your customers, so, too, can a generic, uninspired brand. Working with a professional designer is always a good start, but you should then take the time to break down their website design or ad design to find the brand style bible that your business needs. Create a look that’s not just distinct, but consistent as well. It helps your brand become more memorable so that whenever your customers see that colour scheme or that design twist, they’ll think of your business first.


Be visible

Of course, having a fantastically designed website isn’t worth much if you can’t be found by your customers. Consider partnering with an SEO agency to help make your site much easier to stumble across on Google. Having an active social media account with a growing list of followers is another way to make your business much more visible, which leads then to brand recognition, which leads to some respectability.



Demonstrate that expertise

Use your website to create a business blog that you update regularly with content. It can be helpful, informative, instructional, or simply entertaining. However, sharing relevant content with your audience shows that you know your market, your industry, and your trade. Building that authority makes it much easier to convince customers that you’re worth doing business with.


Make good use of those connections

If you’re trying to convince customers to join you out of the blue, you have a hurdle to climb. If they’re being convinced by someone they already trust, that hurdle is much smaller. Cross promotional activities with other business owners you know can help you get access to their platform. However, you can use your own existing customers for that kind of boost, as well. Incentivizing referrals and asking for reviews and testimonials can help you shape a positive reputation in the market.



Say something different

If the competition is truly that fierce, then simply having a professional shine to your business might not be enough. You may also need a niche. A niche allows you to focus on customers and markets that aren’t being served by the current industry landscape, and allows you to find those who you don’t necessarily have to compete for, because there is no one-to-one competition with what your business offers. There’s nothing more valuable to a growing business that a niche that has room for expansion.


Customers and clients aren’t willing to forgive sloppy salesmanship just because your business is new. You need to step up to the challenge and give your startup the brand sheen it needs to stand apart from the rest of the market.



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