Happy Camping: How To Make Your Camping Adventure A Success

by Aug 13, 2018Travel

Thinking of going on a camping trip? Here are just a few tips to help make your camping adventure a success.


Get yourself a decent tent


The most important part of your camping kit is your tent. A good tent will shelter you from the elements whilst providing ventilation and keeping a good temperature. Most modern tents will be up to spec, but you should be wary of old second-hand tents that might not be as cosy. Meanwhile when it comes to pitching up, it could be worth considering a pop-up tent – these will prevent you from having to fuss around with tent poles. You can even consider a swag for extra convenience when wild camping. Sites like 4WD Supacentre sell these tents. Consider also reading reviews online to help you find the best model.


Consider an inflatable mattress


For many people, a sleeping bag and a foam roller isn’t enough to get a good night’s sleep. Consider buying yourself an inflatable mattress to help provide extra comfort – such mattresses can be compact, allowing you to easily take them with you in a car, a suitcase or even a backpack.


Bring a survival kit


In the rare but serious case of an emergency, it’s worth also bringing a few medical essentials such as bandages and plasters. This guide at Outdoor Gear Lab has a useful comparison of medical kits. On top of a first aid kit, make sure to bring any prescribed allergy medication just in case. If you’re going wild camping, it’s worth also packing an emergency supply of food just in case.


Make use of ziploc bags


Ziploc bags can be useful for separating items such as shampoo and toothpaste, preventing them from leaking onto other items. You can also use them for storing loose valuables such as jewellery. Meanwhile, you may want to consider a few bigger bags for helping to store dirty laundry and wet/muddy shoes – all of this will help to keep you tent clean and organised.


Pitch up before dark


Setting up a tent in the dark isn’t fun – you won’t be able to see what you’re doing and it could be colder. Try to aim to get to your camping spot before dusk so that you can put up your tent whilst it’s still relatively light. You may want to get there even earlier if you’re also planning on cooking.


Keep track of your tent’s location


It’s easy to lose your tent when camping, especially if you’re at a festival at it’s after dark. Find a way of tracking your tent such as setting a GPS locater on your phone or bring a flag with your that you’ll be able to see from afar – you don’t want to be stumbling around late at night unable to find your tent.


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