How Realistic Is It For Us To Follow Our Fashion Dreams?

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Life

For those who are absolutely hell-bent on getting a career in the fashion industry, it can feel like one of those areas that are impenetrable. Even if you’ve spent time interning in fashion quarters, the environment is so cut-throat, that it could be the undoing of any young, aspiring fashion designer. But when it comes to following our dreams, in a creative sense, or specifically, in a fashion one, is it realistic, and is it achievable?


Cutting Off Our Nose To Spite Our Face

The one thing we have to address in any industry is how overwhelmingly competitive it is. From the sales industry, all the way through to the creative industries, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to the number of people scrambling for a single internship that pays zero. And this means that if we are definitely serious about making an impact within the creative industries or the fashion industries, we’ve got to make some concessions, personal and professional. It is a cliché, but in order to be successful in something that requires so much heart and soul, blood, sweat, and tears, you may very well have to make sacrifices. Working 50 hour weeks, missing important birthdays, weddings, family occasions, even Christmas. And we can very well look back on our journey to the top and think it was worth it, or have our success tinged with regret.


Creating Your Own Dream

So if this doesn’t sound like an ideal career path, and you don’t like the politics, then why don’t you look at creating your own dream? Setting up your own business or modelling agency, that’s so imbued with the fashion world, we can feel that we have complete control, not just over our product, but over our destiny. There have been so many people that have started out this way, from nothing. If you want to start out as a designer, there are only a handful of things you really need to begin with, there are various display mannequins for sale that you can pick up for cheap, as well as infinite material, so you can create your embryonic prototypes, all from the comfort of your home. In order to make a big splash in any industry, you don’t need to get an office or a workspace that’s in the dead centre of Soho. To follow our dreams, we can begin with determination and a good idea, but it’s that tenacity we need to see us through to the end.


How realistic is it to follow our fashion dreams? How badly do you want it? Nobody wants to regrets part of their life. Looking back and wishing that you went for something when you felt you didn’t have the confidence. To follow our dreams, we have to make sacrifices, sometimes personal, but when we get burnt in an industry, it can put us off, and we can think that it’s not really what we want. But this is when it’s time to forge your own path. Trust your instincts, and follow your ambition.


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