How Should You Greet And Meet Clients?

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Business

Getting a phone call from a potential client is going to uplift anyone’s day. Your business has reached far and wide and now you have someone or a company that wants to get into contact with you. But, what if they want to meet you at your office or just in general sit down and have a cup of coffee with you? You’re going to need to make a good first impression but you also need to have handy, things that speak about your business. Marketing in person has never died and nor will it ever. The face to face communication business leaders have is simply priceless. It’s a way to read between the lines and see where the dice rolls. You can’t really get the vibe of someone nudging and winking at you when you read a text. Certain signs and way of communicating in the business world are only done in person. So marketing your business during a client meeting is absolutely essential. You have to walk as if you are the business, you are the brand that they are going to invest in.



Looking the part


By any stretch of the imagination should you not try to become a walking billboard. You’re not a faceless and emotionless advertisement of your business. It’s quite hard to find the balance between over the top, blatant and tacky marketing in person, and being too subtle and not exuding the confidence a client might be looking for. Having a customized pen with the logo and colours of your business is greatly going to add to the effect that you are a prestigious brand. And no, don’t go for a rollerball or a simple pen from the poundshop. Go for something with a little more class such as a Parker pen with your engraving on it. You may also want to come dressed wearing something that again, exudes your business. Think about cufflinks that match your business somehow, or a tie with your business name on it somewhere. Be wholesome in your approach but don’t seek to be too brash and simple in your in person marketing.



All they want to know


Meeting in person with a potential client for the first time is going to be nerve wracking. You’re going to forget some things you want to say that will make you look good in their eyes. Not everyone has the best memory either, so you might forget some previous experiences that would help convey your point in a conversation. That’s just some reasons why you should create a brochure about your business and your offerings. Get a couple or a few of these done with same day printing services that can actually handle large orders of brochure printing. You make your entire business into a bitesize format which allows the client to sum up your ethos, your drive, products and services as well as your plan for the future.



Greet a client in style but with a subtle hint that your business is a brand. Wear clothes that remind the client of who you are, with certain customised clothing items. Don’t forget to bring a brochure so the client can have their questions answered when the meeting ends and they’re on their way home.


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