How To Host A Great Business Event

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Business

There are many ways to sell your business to people, and one of them is undoubtedly holding business events. Not only does this help you to get people through the door, but it also enables you to make an impact upon potential and current clients, so that your brand can be in the forefront of their minds whenever they require the services that you offer. Though hosting a business event can seem difficult, there are a few things to remember if you want yours to be a success.



Be clever about who you invite

A business event is a great time for you to showcase your brand, and the spotlight will be on you for the evening. This means that you have to invite the right people to your business space, and make the right impression upon them. Are there companies that you’d love to have links with, either now or in the future? Get your foot in the door, and make sure you send them an invite to the event. This is key to getting yourself known.


Make it count

It isn’t like you host these things weekly, so you really need to go all out and make sure that you’ve done all that you can to make your night a success. Provide some beverages and canapes, get some exhibition truss systems set up so that you can showcase work or have a stage on which to make announcements, and get your decor sorted down to the finest details. You can only make a good first impression once!


Choose a good time

If you decide to put your event on in the busiest period for your clients and fellow businesses, you could live to regret this when your event is poorly attended. If you’re going to make a success out of this, you need to pick a good time and give people plenty of warning that it will be taking place. Find out about the other events that are on around the same day, and make sure that yours doesn’t clash with anything significant.


Make contacts

Whilst hosting a business event is a stressful affair, don’t get too caught up in the particulars on the day, and take time to really ensure that you’re making the contacts you should be making. Your event will be a success even if people recognise your brand a little more, so don’t underestimate this, especially if you think that it has been unsuccessful due to no increases in sales. It is also about contacts for the future, so make those links on the night.


So, if you want to host a great business event, make sure to invite the right people, and create the best atmosphere that you possibly can by going all out, and making your night memorable. You can also ensure that the event doesn’t clash with anything else, and that you make the contacts you should as it progresses. Good luck making your business event the success that it should be, and securing some new clients as a result!


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