How To Make The Most Of A Business Trade Show

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Business

Trade shows are good for your business.


By making an effort to get along to something pertaining to your industry, you can promote your business, generate new leads, talk to people more experienced than you, and find out the latest consumer and industry trends.


Making time in your busy schedule to attend a trade show should be of top priority to you then. However, you need to ensure that you don’t waste time or money in the process. You need to make the most of the opportunities that a trade show can offer you, so with that in mind, consider the following pieces of advice.


#1: Arm yourself with business cards


Trade shows attract thousands of attendees each year. The chances of you getting the opportunity to spend a long time talking to individuals then are slim! People will be scurrying to and fro trying to make as many contacts as possible, so to ensure they don’t forget you, arm yourself with business cards so you can get them into the hands of the people you think will benefit your business. Be sure to get their business cards too, as if they don’t think to contact you after the event, you can then follow up with them.


#2: Get your own display stand


Sure, you could attend the trade show to simply see what other people have to offer, but if you have a business worth promoting, then it makes sense to give yourself a visual presence with your own trade stand. You do need to give people an incentive to stop by, of course, so use a company that excels at creating eye-catching custom exhibition stands to make you stand out from the other trade stalls at the show. Be sure to take your product with you too, or brochures about your service, as you will then have something on your stand to show people when they stop by. And try to book your place at the show early, as you want to make sure your stand is placed in a premium position (around the middle) and not out of reach of the majority of foot traffic.


#3: Take your employees with you


Why should you have all the fun? Give your employees a day away from the office too, as not only will they benefit from the experience, but you can then do more at the trade show than you could have done otherwise. So, your employees might take turns at the exhibition stand, for example, giving you the opportunity to network with others and visit other stands. Your employees might cosy up to your business rivals too, and they might then find out information that could serve your business well. And with more people from your business at the trade show, you will have more opportunities to promote your business through face-to-face contacts.




So, do a Google search of upcoming trade shows within your industry and make every effort to attend. You will then have the opportunity to promote your business and learn from others. Be sure to follow our suggestions too, as you will then be able to make the most of the event, without wasting time and money. 


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