How to Stand Out At a Trade Show

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Business

It’s not just enough to attend a trade show; you need to make sure you’re doing all the things that’ll have you walking away with the details of interested parties. Your presence alone won’t make this a reality — people aren’t just going to come to your stand just because you’re there. You need to draw them in, and ensure they’re entertained and informed. But how do you do this, when there are so many other companies vying for the attention of people passing by? Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested methods.



Bring The Enthusiasm


There’s nothing on earth that can substitute for enthusiasm! When you’re putting together your team for your trade show, make sure you’re selecting your most energetic, outgoing employees. People might be curious about your stand, but it’s going to be your employee’s ability to engage people in conversation that’s going to determine whether the show is a success for your company or not. You’ll also want to put them up in a hotel nearby to the show, so they’re able to get a good night’s rest and arrive at the show ready to work. Informing them ahead of time that they’ll be treated to a meal afterward will also help!


Eye-Catching Displays


Unless you’re already an established name with a solid reputation, then you’ll need to find a way to grab people’s attention as they pass by. As we mentioned earlier, there’s going to be no shortage of companies vying for attention. To make sure people don’t just walk past your stand, it’s recommended that you look at working with exhibition stand companies. They’ll help you develop a stand that’s visually appealing, which is the first step to getting people’s attention. You won’t be able to tell people about how awesome your company is if no-one is stopping to talk to you!


Get Specific


Sometimes, less is more. Your company might offer a lot, but do you really need to present every single facet of your business at a trade show? Probably not. For starters, there’s only so much space you’re going to have. Second, visitors aren’t going to stick around forever. In any case, your stand shouldn’t function as a museum for your business! Pick your standout products and services, and exhibit those. It’s about showcasing the highlights of your company, not everything — that can come later, once you’ve got people on the hook.


Fun Features


You’ll soon realize, one way or the other, that the stands that receive the most attention are the ones that incorporate elements of fun into their exhibit. People don’t want it to be all business, business, business — that’s what the rest of their life looks like. They’re going to be drawn to the companies who haven’t forgotten the importance of excitement and entertainment. You could do this by including games, interactive displays, branded swag, or good, old-fashioned food and drink. People are always going to be drawn to a donut and cup of coffee when they’re spending the day walking around!



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