How Your Store Puts Off Your Customers

by Sep 25, 2019Business

You’d assume that it’s the products that you have in your store that counts when it comes towards deciding whether you’re successful or not, but that’s not really the case. The products are just one aspect of a larger battle. You’ll also need to make sure that the price is right, and — and this is often overlooked — that your store provides an enjoyable experience. If you depend on people browsing your store for your revenue, then you need to ensure that it’s a pleasant place to browse. You might be annoying your customers in other ways, too. Below, we take a look at five common ways stores frustrate their customers. Make sure you’re not guilty of any of them!



Busy Beginnings


How you start is a pretty good example of how you’ll go on, or at least that’s what they say. As such, it’s recommended that you focus on making the entryway of your store especially inviting. If you don’t mind, you may inadvertently give your visitors a negative impression of your business, and they haven’t even seen a product. So pay particular attention to the first things that a visitor would see when they walk through the door. Would it make you want to go on if it wasn’t your shop?


Sensory Matters


Our senses have a huge impact on how we feel, even if we’re not fully conscious of it. If a place is quiet, calm, and has a sweet aroma, we’ll be inclined to go on — if it has the opposite, then we’ll likely want to leave. As such, it’s worthwhile taking a look at the impact your store has on the senses. If it’s too loud, then you can look at working with That Sounds Better to quieten things down. Their system will reduce echo and absorb sound. You can keep things from smelling bad by installing a scent diffuser, lighting incense, or just keeping things well ventilated. 


Dirty Corners


We know, we know: you and your staff are busy. However, while stocking the shelves and tending to the checkout will be the priority, you can’t forget about cleaning. This has such an impact on how people see your store that it’s worthwhile hiring a cleaner to do the work for you, though you’ll want to encourage your staff to take care of any obvious dirty spots as they go along, too. 


Long Checkout Lines


Is there anything worse than having something to buy, yet being unable to do so because there’s no-one to check you out, or the lines are too big? We don’t think so. If it’s a small shop, make sure there’s always someone in eyesight of the checkout till. If it’s slightly bigger, then initiate a system whereby a second member of staff jumps onto another till if there’s a queue of three or more people. 


Annoying Staff 


Finally — make sure you’re hiring staff who are capable and pleasant. Nothing makes a person walk away from a store faster than a rude staff member



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