Improving The Way You Do Finance In Business

by Oct 8, 2019Business

A big part of your business has to do with the finances. Money helps your business ticking over, and so you want to make the difference where you can, so that you’re saving money and time where possible. Here are some tips for improving the way you do finance in business.



Chase Overdue Payments

Overdue payments can be frustrating, and it’s often the same people who don’t pay on time. It’s important that you are chasing these payments to make it clear to those who you work with, that you won’t allow for late payments. If you don’t have time to chase it yourself, you can always outsource this to a debt collector, but it shouldn’t come to that unless you’re getting nowhere with your requests. You may want to ensure you’ve got terms and conditions for your invoicing system so that it gets paid within a set number of days. That way, you’ve got written proof of a late payment and can charge late fees if necessary.


Go Digital

Going digital is what a lot of businesses are now doing in order to cater to their customers. With so many people online and with technology always improving, you want to cater for the change in how people pay and interact with your business. There are mobile credit card processing available here, and this is just one example of how your business can adapt to improve your finances and to stay ahead of the game.


Increase Your Prices

The nature of a business is that as it becomes more popular, you can afford to increase your prices regardless of whether it’s a product or service you offer. This is supply and demand and is to be expected when you have a limited amount of resources to cope with the increase in demand for your business. Increasing your prices is a great way for your business to earn more money to expand even further. Those loyal to you will be happy to pay your prices, so long as it’s justified. If you’re hiking up your prices and not changing anything to do with your product or service, that’s when people are like to complain.


Streamline Everything

With so much going on in your business, your finance team may find it hard to keep up with everything from managing payroll, drafting invoices and processing expenses to name but a few. If you’re using several systems to do this, then there’s a high chance that something is going to get forgotten about. That means mistakes happen, and financially, the business is usually impacted. So try to streamline everything where possible and keep it to just the one system, so it’s all in one place.


Consolidate Any Debts

And finally, consolidate your debts. Any debt that you’ve accrued in your business, it’s good to sit down with your accountants and have it all in one place. That means you only pay one interest rate or one set of fees, rather than multiple.


Finance in business is critical to growth, so always look after it.


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