Increasing Productivity When You Work From Home

by | May 21, 2019 | Business

In many ways, working from home is the dream. No commute, no colleagues to deal with and no boss breathing down your neck. You’re surrounded by your own creature comforts, can spend your work days with your dog and once you’re finished for the day- you’re already home. However, as great as it sounds, working from home isn’t for everyone. And for others, it can take some getting used to. Here are some of the ways you can stay as productive as possible if you’re new to working from home, or plan on starting.


Have a schedule

One of the great things about working from home is flexibility. Even if you work for a company as a remote worker (as opposed to running your own business) the flexibility is still there-as you’re assigned work for the day and can complete it however you want, providing it’s done by the deadline. However, there can be ‘too much of a good thing’ and sometimes, too much flexibility can mean a lack of productivity. You might find yourself leaving everything until the last minute and rushing, or you might find you’re constantly being distracted. Have a schedule, set your working hours and try to stick with it. If you need to take a morning off to have your car fixed, or an afternoon off to go to your child’s sports day then you have the ability to do do. But for the most part, sticking to a routine can keep you productive and you know that during your set hours, it’s time to get your head down and get things done. It’s very easy to lose the work/ life balance when your work is your home, having a schedule helps to separate the two. Once you’re done for the day, you can spend the rest of your time relaxing and doing things other than work. This can make you more productive as you return the next day with ‘fresh eyes’ making it easier to find solutions to your problems.


Create a workspace

As well as having set hours that you tend to work at, it’s also useful to have your own workspace. It might seem like a luxury being able to work from your sofa or your bed, but actually it’s far better for productivity if you go and sit at a desk. If you have a spare bedroom, turn this into your home office. Otherwise, consider renovating your loft, basement or even having a structure built in the garden. Retaining wall blocks make it easy to create structures in the garden which you can transform into an office, or you could go down the ‘garden room’ route which come fully insulated with windows and ready to be hooked up to electricity. Again, keeping work and life separate not only improves productivity when you are at work, but helps to keep you sane too. You don’t want to be sitting on your sofa feeling like you should be catching up with emails or typing away when you’re finished for the evening!


Keep noise down

It’s not always possible to keep noise down when you’re working from home,  but have a chat with your family. Let them know that when you’re at your desk you’re busy and to keep noise levels and distractions down.



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