Is It Time For The Christmas Round-Robin Letter?

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Life

Christmas is the time to send greeting cards to all your friends and relatives, including those you don’t talk to often. Indeed, keeping touch with the people you know is no easy task. As you grow older, distance appears naturally between individuals. Firstly, as a result of embracing different interests and life perspectives. But also as a consequence of basic geographic: People do move house! And while the saying, out of sight out of mind, isn’t entirely correct – you still think of them fondly – it taps into the reality of every day. How do you keep in touch with someone who lives far away and doesn’t share your interests?

The answer is with great difficulty. But, thankfully, when Christmas time arrives, you’ve got an excuse to contact them and keep them updated about your life via the Christmas Round-Robin letter.  Now’s the best time to make a list of all the people you miss and want to have in your life again:


Replace your greeting card by a Round-Robin!



What is the Christmas Round-Robin letter?

The origin of this writing habit is unknown, but ultimately, the Christmas Round-Robin is a way for families to keep each other updated. It’s often perceived as a way to boast about the achievements of your children or partner. Many comedians in the UK have successfully mocked the habit, and it’s fair to say that most people ignore self-promotional missives. There is no best way to write yours. Some prefer to compose an epic poem in verses about the year. Others keep to the bare minimum, writing a line about each member of the family only. You are free to pick the format of your liking. As a rule of the thumb, though, try to stick to a maximum of two pages.



Starting your own

You can’t begin to your Round-Robin without a good list of topics. Why not sit down with the family and discuss what you could write about? It makes a great way to keep everyone busy and entertained on a rainy weekend – especially if your discussion rounds include a cup of hot cocoa and a few cookies. If you want to add photos to your message, you’ll need to send a digital letter using some of the engaging newsletter templates from Postman for example. Ultimately, most people are likely to spend more time on their smartphones than reading a paper letter, so your e-newsletter will be appreciated if it’s mobile-friendly. Carefully select photos that will show in high quality on all screens for your newsletter. Most smartphone cameras take excellent pictures; you only need to look through the images you’ve taken during the year.



You want to engage the kids

Last, but not least, letting your child tell their stories gives them an opportunity to share their perspective of the year. One rule to remember: They need to be tactful. Your distant relatives don’t want to be offended by your Round-Robin letter! In short, make sure to check the newsletter before it goes out — and to have a chat with your children if they’re unsure of how to word their thoughts.



In conclusion, a Christmas Round-Robin is the perfect occasion to get back in touch with the people you miss and don’t see often enough.


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