Is It Time To Jump On The Street Food Bandwagon?

by Apr 2, 2019Business

If you are something of a foodie and love nothing more than sampling the latest cuisines and gastronomic delights, you might be looking to the street food craze that has enveloped the Western world. The thought of setting up your stall and selling food from your heritage to the masses is the stuff of dreams. Plenty of people from catering backgrounds and corporate backgrounds alike have shunned the traditional nine to five way of working to embark on their own culinary adventure. Street food is often seen as the easiest way to get your foot in the industry door. Overheads are low, there is no need for astronomical lease fees or rent that comes with an eatery, and you can be flexible in choosing where you sell your grub. Take a look at why you might want to jump on the street food bandwagon.




Food festivals are becoming popular days out for all sorts of demographics. If you run a catering startup with a particular focus on weddings and formal events, food festivals are perfect to show off your cuisine while distributing flyers and getting people signed up to a mailing list. If you cook food from the Caribbean, show off your jerk chicken and rice. If you specialize in desserts, whip out the mini tiramisus and enjoy allowing people to sample your pavlovas. At the same time, street food is becoming a lucrative way of making money. You don’t need to formalize any dishes and you can keep them rustic and authentic. This means you can make a greater profit on each dish that you sell. Get it right, and people will keep coming back for more.




Being a street food vendor needn’t see you forking out for loads of kit. A simple gazebo, some nylon tube for any brewing you may be doing on site, tables, a banner, some gas stoves and a display, and you’re ready to go. All you need is a vehicle large enough to take your kit on and off site. Being a street food vendor means you can use the food festival events to trial new dishes and experiment. There is less pressure for things to be perfect than if you are catering a party or you are serving diners at a restaurant. Consider the logistics of each event and make sure that you plan accordingly. Always do a little too much food, rather than selling out way too early.




The street food scene is vibrant and exciting. Street food vendors themselves are a close knit bunch of people, who are supportive of all of their fellow traders. It’s a fantastic scene to become a part of, especially if you are just starting out. You will have the opportunity to network, to link up with traders for other events and to get your name out there. Make your branding strong, ensure your website is up and running, and enjoy seeing the traffic flock to your site after each event.


Street food is here to stay, so why not get in on the action and jump on the bandwagon.



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