Keeping Your Workspace Comfortable

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Business

Whether you work alone, at home or in an office, or you employ a team, your office should be comfortable. You should feel comfy and safe while you are working. You shouldn’t be in any danger, or able to easily hurt yourself. You shouldn’t be putting yourself at risk of illness. You should be able to work, without worrying about how it might be affecting your physical or mental health and well-being.


Being able to work in comfort can mean that you work more productively and that you need less time off. It can result in you working fewer hours, because you’ve got more done fast, and being able to enjoy your days off without having to cope with aches and pains or sniffles. If you employ staff, keeping your office comfortable can mean that the whole team is more productive and happy and that morale is higher. It can improve your staff retention levels and save you money. It can even mean that any customers and clients that you welcome into your premises are hit with a great first impression.





One of the most overlooked aspects of comfort in the workplace is heating. No one wants to be trying to type with freezing cold hands, or find themselves jogging on the spot in a large, cold warehouse. Consider heating options including Gas Oil Drums to see what is right for your space, and try to keep things warm, without being that hot that everyone gets sleepy.


Equally, no one will want to work when it’s boiling. So, in the summer try to keep your workspace well ventilated and cool.


Desk Setup


If you work in an office or hire staff to sit at a desk, then the setup is essential. Make sure your desks and office chairs are the right height for each member of your team. So that they don’t have to look up or down, their eyes aren’t strained, and their wrists can rest comfortably as they type. Office chairs should be comfortable and offer excellent back support.


Keep in Bright


Dark, dull offices and workplaces aren’t good. When it’s dark, our eyes are strained, we feel tired and sluggish, and our mood can suffer. To make your office a livelier place and help your staff to feel happier, more alert, more focused and more comfortable, try to keep things as bright as you can. If possible, maximise the natural light and keep the walls a lighter shade. Add colourful pictures and plants to improve things further.


Get Organised


Clutter and mess are never helpful when you are trying to maintain a comfortable space. So, get organised. Keep wires tucked away and neat. Organise files, make sure you’ve got the right amount of storage and that it is being used correctly and take the time to make sure your workplace is kept clean, tidy and clutter free. Minimising clutter can also make the rooms appear large and reduce any possible tripping hazards to yourself, your staff or your customers and visitors.


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