Looking After The Pennies: Ways To Save On Your Outgoings

by | Jan 26, 2019 | Life

When we think about saving money, there is a tendency to think about keeping your wages back every month, rather than thinking about where the money we are spending is going. We all have bills and other outgoings that can’t be helped, but what if there are ways that we haven’t considered to reduce those costs? Well, that is what we are going to look at right now to help you save some cash.


Utility Bills


There are a few things to consider when it comes to your utility bills that might help you save money in the short and long term.


  • Comparison Websites


The first thing to think about is the use of comparison websites to help you save money. There is no doubt that you have had meerkats and operatic singers bombarding you with musings on how they can save you money, but they actually can if you take a look. We aren’t going to recommend a particular comparison website, and if you so choose you can actually look at a comparison website that compares comparison websites – if that isn’t too meta for you. The point here is to encourage you to not stick with a company out of a blind sense of loyalty.


One of the greatest tricks ever played by the companies we trust to provide us with water, electricity, internet and so forth is that our loyalty pays us. That tends to not be the case because what happens is we stick with a company and they ignore us because they have our money already. Retaining customers only become a priority when said customer threatens to leave. By cutting your bills you can save hundreds of pounds a month or a year, money which you could spend on something like a holiday instead.


  • Environmental Savings


Another way that we can all make savings is by making the most of advancements in technology based on our needs to improve our relationship with the environment. You can supplement or even reduce your utility bills by installing technology that uses natural resources to provide your home with some of the things it needs. What this means is that by installing a rainwater tank from Tuffa Tanks or solar panels on your roof, you will be able to use things that naturally come to your home for plumbing or electricity.


It might seem like a strange idea to have your water come directly into your home from rainfall, but there are plenty of people already doing it and reducing their outgoings. Likewise with solar panels and other similar tech-based environmental solutions.






The next thing that we are going to look at is your monthly shopping bills. Now, this isn’t necessarily looking at your clothing budget but the ideas can apply all the same. No, this is about the groceries that you are buying on a monthly basis, even if you do a weekly shop.


  • Organisation


Your first port of call when it comes to saving money on your grocery bill is organisation. It might seem like an obvious thing to say, but you would be surprised at how disorganised we all are when we head into the supermarket. Some of the things that you can do to avoid overspending include:


  • Never shop hungry
  • Have a shopping list
  • Religiously stick to the shopping list
  • Read the price tag closely


The first of these is the most important. The hungrier you are when you head to the supermarket, the more likely you are to make an impulsive purchase. And while these four ideas seem straightforward, make sure you stick to them. The final one is something that still catches a lot of us out. What that means is check the price per item rather than just the headline price. You might find that buying a discounted pack of eight toilet roll actually works out more expensive than two four packs.



  • Vouchers & Discount Codes


Finally, you should do your homework before going to any shop. Look online for discount codes and pick up the magazines of your chosen supermarket. These stores are all competing with each other quite aggressively so they are constantly trying to entice you with heavily reduced items, but you have to look for them.


This one applies very much when you are shopping online as well. Always use websites like Voucher Codes when you are buying anything online; a cursory search on there may just get you a nice reduction in your spending.



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