Love Your Business – Freeing Up Time to Do What You Love

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Business

In case you haven’t noticed yet, running a business is hard. Modern small business owners are some of the most overworked, stressed out individuals in the history of capitalism, with a never-ending agenda and an ever-growing task list. From developing and improving products to building customer relationships to maintaining a functional, friendly work environment, the plate of an entrepreneur is always full.

Why We Start Businesses

Most people who start businesses for the first time do so in order to do what they love for a living. A woman opens a coffee shop because she loves coffee and making people’s mornings brighter. A man starts an auto mechanic service because he loves working with his hands and bringing vehicles back to life. Or a fitness-minded, spiritual couple begin a yoga studio to share what they love with others.


No matter the industry or field, most businesses begin because someone is passionate about something. Unfortunately, there is much more to running a company than what appears on the surface. A coffee shop needs strong vendor relationships to maintain a supply affordable, quality coffee; an auto repair service needs effective staffing to get and keep hard-working, reliable employees; a yoga studios needs efficient bookkeeping to ensure the venture is profitable; and all of these businesses need effective marketing to tell the world about their services.


The point is: small business owners can easily get so wrapped up in the various elements of running a company that very little of their time can be spent on the actual service, product or activity that they love. Happy entrepreneurs are those who delegate properly, obtain the right services and employ the right kind of help to allow them to spend the maximum amount of time fulfilling their passion.

How Marketers Should Help

The main goals of effective marketing firms should be to take on responsibilities and independently manage every element of marketing in order to free up time for the client. In addition to the obvious goals of improving recognition, drawing attention and increasing business, an effective marketing firm should seek to remove items from the overly filled plate and cross off tasks from the to-do list of a client.


Most small business owners do not have any experience or interest in marketing, or else they would have opened a marketing firm. They do not have time to follow trends, analyze statistics and develop effective strategies. Many do not understand the most basic elements of modern marketing, and if they hire the right marketing company, they should not have to.

One-Stop Marketing

Efficient marketing should seek to manage every aspect of marketing for the client from social media and SEO to radio and print. They should help you develop strategies for how to gain followers on social media and develop effective print advertisements.


But more than advising the customer on what steps to take, the best firms should be able to provide the services themselves. This includes web design, content creation, video editing, email campaigns, social media posts and any other element that would be beneficial to their clients.


While it may not be possible for a small firm to specialize in everything from Facebook Ads to TV commercials, they should seek clients whose needs fit their expertise and market themselves accordingly. If your business relies heavily on mobile traffic, they should be able to teach mobile friendly site design – the best practices. Depending on the size of the firm, filling a niche with high-quality results may be preferable to delving into unfamiliar areas for more clients.


Either way, the best marketers will seek to understand a client’s goals, develop an effective plan and implement every element of it effectively. The idea should be to reduce the amount of time a client spends on marketing, free up time for them to do what they love and efficiently bring in new customers with whom they can share their passion.


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