Love, Romance, And Compromise: The Things To Learn Before You Move In Together

by Aug 14, 2019Life

It’s the natural next phase of your relationship. If your romance is going from strength to strength, naturally talk turns to moving in together. And why not? It can open you up to a lot of adjustments, not just because you’ve got to share your life with someone, but also, you are exposing your innermost foibles. With this in mind, are there any ways to transition this effectively?


The Battle Of “The Stuff”

Both of you may feel that it’s the opportunity to put everything you own on display, but it’s all about that major word: compromise. If one of you has more stuff than the other, you don’t want the abundance of items to overshadow the space, giving the impression that one of you has more say over everything. As such, you might want to think about putting some of your items into self storage. And, for the time being, find a way to create a home together, and this means having an equal amount of stuff.


Get A Budget Together

There’s a period of trial and error when you move in together, and there are so many things that can be put to the test at this point, not least, the budget. It’s a good idea to get a budget, especially in terms of your living expenses. Things like food can be hard to debate when one person earns more than the other. It if you craft a budget together that’s within both of your means, especially as you will both be sitting down to eat the same food, you won’t feel inferior or superior due to your finances. It’s always a good idea to have a joint account where you both put in the same amount of money. 


Learn About The Other Person Before Signing On The Dotted Line

It can feel right, but when we move in together, we learn so much about their habits that it feels like they’re a different person entirely. This can be quite an eye-opener. It’s common sense to learn as much about the other person way before looking for a place together. In essence, you have to live with each other before you live with each other. Understanding your habits, even the bad ones, can prepare both of you for what it’s truly going to be like. It’s not a bed of roses, but if you both take the opportunity to bring that metaphorical barrier down, you can get all the little quarrels out of the way.


Some people put off moving in together, and this may very well be for practical reasons. But if you are both keen on moving in together, be aware that there is a major learning process to be done. It could be the best thing you’ll ever do because you might already be best friends. Even if you’re not, and you are both determined to be together, you can still get prepared for a couple of teething issues. We all have them, and it is a part of getting to know one another properly.





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