Making The Best Of An Undermanned Team

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Business

Any business that is not worth its weight in salt, will always have problems with efficiency and productivity. However, what does this really mean? It means that each employee you have, must be able to be flexible, have a wide range of skills, and most of all they should be adaptable to varying situations. When everyone hasn’t shown up to work, you are down some manpower. Somebody will have to pick up the slack so that your machine doesn’t grind to a halt. This is when the worth of each employee is really seen when they are undermanned and need to figure out a way of keeping up with the demand of sales and quality you desire. However in truth, this responsibility ultimately lies with you. The business owner must have the skills to manage people to a micro and critical level. Here’s how you can get the best out of your team when it’s low in number.


Appoint a main figurehead

Say for example you have a department or project team that is missing about 1/5th of it’s overall number. Maybe some people are sick and have booked the next few days or week off work. Some other people might have to attend to an urgent family matter. Whatever the reasons are, now there are holes in the line. You need to manage people to be in the right roles taking on the most important task of the project. Switch over the best that you have in your now available team members to this task. Appoint somebody who has the best skills and knows the project better than anyone else. When the numbers are so low in a team, it’s good to choose someone to be the figurehead of small and big tasks. That way smaller more focussed teams can take their lead from that employee.



Know when to act

Your business needs to be automated in many ways. It also needs to make use of modern technology that can help you when numbers begin to tumble. You can look in real-time at the time and attendance of each employee and see who is or isn’t able to come to work. You can see who is available not just to come into work, but for varying tasks throughout the day. Maybe someone is only able to come in for half a day, then you can check your calendar schedule to prepare for a team that is going to be undermanned. This service also allows you to contact the employee directly, with phone numbers and email addresses pinned to the availability status. This also gives you forewarning of who is booking time off for holidays as well. You don’t need to talk with an employee face to face and waste time, you can just check your schedule and plan around any absences.

It’s the mark of a great business leader when you can manage to keep a project not just on time, but assure the quality is kept the same while you have an undermanned team. Plan around those that cannot come in to work to avoid the slowing of projects.


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