Making Your Office Safe For Work

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Business

If you have started a business in 2018 or you are looking to launch your venture in 2019, the main thing you will need to think about is an office space of your own. Most small businesses start working from home and eventually, they might rent an office in a building, but sometimes as a business, you want your own private land. For those of you who are looking to buy or build an office this year, here is how to make it safe and secure.


Create a private car park


The first thing you will want to do for your office building to make it more secure this year is to create a locked car park. You can either have this as the bottom floor of your building or you can simply add barriers to the front gates of your building so that people have to buzz or use an ID to get in. This will stop any random stranger parking in your car park and causing a safety risk to you and your staff.


Use an ID system


In the office it is important that you make sure your entryways are secure, and there is no better way of doing this than having an ID system for the external doors. This will ensure that only employees and authorised guests are allowed into the building, and anyone else who tries to come in will have to ask reception for access.


Check for contaminated land


If you plan to buy yourself a plot of land and build your office from the ground up, it is important to take some time to check the safety of the land itself. Make sure to get Remediation done on the land to keep it safe and ensure that there are no chemicals below the surface of the soil which could pose a health risk as you begin digging.


Lock up the computers


As a business owner in this day and age one of your most valuable assets will be your data, and data is always vulnerable to being stolen by people who want to do harm to your business. To keep your workers safe and your data safe, make sure to never ever leave a computer on overnight and ensure that the passwords your employees use for their computers are secure and unhackable.


Install cameras and lights


For extra security and safety for your office and the people inside it, it is always a good idea for you to take some time to install cameras and lights on the outside of the building. This will not only deter robbers from trying to steal from you, but if they do, it will provide evidence which will help to identify them and bring them to justice.


Lock the office down


As much as it is nice for employees to want to work overtime, there needs to be a limit and you should have a curfew where your ID system will not scan cards. This will ensure the safety of your office and also will ensure that you are no liable for any injuries that could occur in the office at night while you aren’t there.


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