Malta: A Mediterranean Marvel

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Travel

The Mediterranean is a choice holiday destination for many. From the golf, beaches and cliffs of the Algarve in Portugal to the rock of Gibralter. The sun of the Costa Del Sol to Majorca. From the Catalan culture of Barcelona to Cannes and Monaco. From the peace of Sardinia to the excitement of Ayia Napa. There’s a lot on offer in the Mediterranean region for all sorts of people and all sorts of budgets. It’s a true basin of history and culture – two great empires were forged inside this area, so there’s a lot to do and experience.


This is the same for a tiny island south of Sicily. Malta is a Mediterranean paradise that is worth experiencing. If you’re going on the same old vacations to Napa and Malaga and Faliraki, you need something else. You might need Malta.


Malta has some rich history. Owned by Christian Knights in the middle ages, it became an Ottoman Hotspot. The Knights fought back and founded Valletta – with big sturdy walls to protect from an invasion. That wouldn’t be the last war that Malta was involved with. It was caught in a tug of war between Napolean and Britain and ended up in the possession of the Brits. During the Second World War, Malta fought hard for the allies and was awarded the George Cross by Britain for its war efforts. The island became independent in the sixties, and then formed a republic later on.


Malta is made up of three regions. Malta Island is the main island, Gozo island, known for its history while Comino is a tinier island hosting a nature reserve in between the two. There are plenty of cheap deals to Malta, so you’ll be able to afford your getaway to the country. You’ll land at Malta International Airport on the south of the main island. Once you land, the world, or at least Malta, is your oyster. Where will you head?


Well, why not Valletta? It’s a world heritage site noted for its history and the archaic buildings it has throughout. Its impressive walls have withstood barrages throughout history as well. The city it replaced as capital, the Silent City of Mdina surrounded by Rabat is also an idyllic getaway full of peace.


The Mediterranean island of Malta is a choice holiday destination for many. Malta is a Mediterranean paradise that is worth experiencing



If you want to get around, you’ll note that there are no trains – but no worries, Malta has a great bus network that will get you around, it’s also pretty cheap. As for the language, most of the locals speak English or Maltese – but you might find it easier if you use a bit of Italian as well. Because of the island’s proximity to Italy, this is natural.


Eating in Malta might be a familiar affair – there‚Äôs a lot of British and Italian food on offer, but do try fenkata. This dish of wine-marinated rabbit is something not to be missed. Or you could try soppa ta’ l-armla, a thick mash of veg in a soup known as Widow’s Soup.


History and culture, Malta has it all. Head out there and enjoy what this island nation has to offer.


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