Mums: Lifting The Nerves Of Sending Your Kid On A School Trip

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Life

It can be hard for us mums when our kids come home with a leaflet talking about an upcoming school trip. After all, we don’t want our child to miss out on an amazing opportunity. But the thought of sending our kid off for a good few days can leave us feeling nervous (and penniless!) After all, your child might not have been away from you for that long before. And while the teachers will keep a beady eye on your little one, it’s hard when they have a large group of kids to look after! Therefore, here are some tips for mums when sending your child off on a school trip.


Talk to your kid about being responsible


One of the top fears for mums is that their child will get lost while away on a school trip. After all, it only takes a few minutes for them to wander off and then get lost. And then they might struggle to find their way back to the group. If they are in a country where they speak another language, it will be even more challenging for them to get back to their hotel! Therefore, you need to sit down and talk to your kid about being responsible while away. Explain to them they must stay with the group at all times. You should also get them to keep the address of the hotel with them at all times. Get them to put it in their phone, so if they did get lost, they can easily show a taxi driver to get them back to the hotel.


Find out more about the trip


It can also help ease your worries if you make sure you are in the know about the school trip. After all, it’s the fear of the unknown which leaves mums worrying about their kids going. Therefore, it’s worth going to meetings which are being held about the trip. You can then learn exactly what your kid will do when they go on the trip. And it can help you to see why it will be a valid learning experience for your child. Also, teachers often give an insight into how safety measures will be met during the school trips. Therefore, it can help lessen your fears of letting your kid go away. Having a full itinerary can also assure you that you will know exactly where your child is during the time away!


Ensure they have their phone with them


It’s also important you ensure your kid takes a phone with them on their trip. For one thing, it means they can contact you during their time away. And moreover, you can speak with them while they are on the trip. In fact, you might want to arrange days and times you will ring and speak to them. Also, having a phone with them is essential for safety reasons. After all, if they do manage to get lost, they can make contact with a school friend or teacher to help them. Therefore, ensure they have the device with them, plus their charger, to ensure they are contactable at all times.


And it’s worth arranging a trip for you during the time your kid is away. That way, it will stop you worrying about your little one so much if you are on your own holiday!




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