New Life, Same Rubbish?

by | May 2, 2018 | Life

We all feel the need to start again, sometimes. That need is nothing more than a desire to move forward. And, that’s often a good thing. It may be, for instance, that you’re still in the town you grew up in, and that’s hindering your transition into adulthood. Or, it could be that there are no opportunities in the career you want to pursue where you are. Both these and more are valid reasons for starting anew.

And, when you first move, it can feel like the answer to your problems. Everything’s fresh and unhindered. You may even feel that, finally, you’re living the life you want. Then a few weeks or months pass, and everything starts to feel the same. It’s a comedown many of us face when we move to new areas. And, we’re going to look at a few of the reasons why it happens.

Only speaking with old friends

One major mistake many of us make is only speaking with friends we’ve left behind. This is natural to some extent. You miss them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, if you spend nights messaging them instead of going out, is it any wonder you’re feeling stale again? After all, when we think about it, we often leave people behind for a reason. It may be that those friends weren’t positive influences. So, go out and meet people who inspire you to be your best. Meet a partner in your new city instead of dwelling on past lovers. Of course, this stuff is daunting. Not everyone’s confident enough to speak to strangers at a bar. If this is the case, join social groups and meet people that way. If dating is your goal, you could make use of services like those found at to help you settle. As well as reminding you why you moved, efforts like these can keep you life moving in the right direction.


Slipping back into bad habits 

When we move, many of us make a vow to break our bad habits and do our best at this new shot thing. Be it smoking or negative thinking; those first weeks are likely fuelled by the forward momentum of positive change. It may be that you’ve ditched the tobacco for a daily run. Or, perhaps you’ve gotten into the habit of journal writing each time you critically self-talk. These are all fantastic changes. But, it’s not unusual for efforts to slip a few weeks in. Once the excitement fades, things like this are much trickier to keep on top of. If you notice yourself feeling the way you used to, bring yourself back to these goals. Have you forgotten to stay on top of them? If so, how can you push yourself to take action? It may be that you simply need to be stricter, or that you need to focus on setting aside the time using tips like these found at Either way, taking steps here could reinvigorate your attitude.


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