Outsourcing Myths Busted

by Feb 27, 2019Business

Even though a lot of companies still outsource a variety of tasks and jobs to contractors and freelancers, there are still a lot of myths surrounding this process. Some of these myths have become so widespread throughout certain professional industries that they are now taken by many as being true. So, it’s high time that we debunked a few of these commonly believed myths. You never know; debunking them might make outsourcing a lot more of an attractive opportunity for you and your company! Read on to find out more.


It’s Expensive


One of the biggest reasons why many companies try not to outsource any extra work they may have is because they believe it will end up costing them a lot of cash. That isn’t always the case, though. In fact, when you outsource correctly, it could actually save you a lot of money in the long-run. That’s because you don’t need to provide freelancers and contractors with perks like matched pension payments and paid time off for sickness and holidays. So, eventually, they will work out a lot cheaper than full-time staff.


Outsourcing To International Freelancers Is Hard To Manage


Are you worried that you won’t be able to manage all of your international freelancers that effectively when you are busy trying to work with the full-time employees based in your office? If you read through this article then you will see that there is no real reason to worry. You’ll be able to effectively manage national and international freelancers using various methods, including regular check-ins via Skype calls and using simple communication methods.


You Lose Responsibility


Some business owners believe that outsourcing means relinquishing certain responsibilities. Again, this is something that isn’t really the case. If you are active enough with freelancer engagement and keep on organizing regular appointments and meetings to check in with them, then you can always keep your hand in with what they are doing.


You’ll Need To Sacrifice Good Full-Time Employees


Another common myth is that outsourcing certain tasks means that some of your full-time employees will become useless as their job roles and responsibilities will reduce. This can be the case, but it doesn’t always have to be. For instance, you shouldn’t outsource a task that is currently the responsibility of a full-time member of staff unless you are actively trying to reduce your number of employees. Instead, you should use your freelancers and contractors to take on any extra work that comes your way and which your usual full-time employees can’t handle on top of their current workloads.


Outsourcing Is Easy


Don’t go into outsourcing thinking that is will be a piece of cake. It can be, as long as you put in plenty of time and hard work. Without this dedicated effort, you will find that outsourcing to freelancers can be quite a struggle that doesn’t really pay off the way you might have had in mind!


Now that you know the myths that you can ignore, you can start to make outsourcing work for you and your business!


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