Power Outage: How Your Business Can React

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Business

You’re sitting at your desk, you look outside of your door and you can see all is well. Employees are working hard, phone calls are being made and valuable discussions are being had. Suddenly, everything cuts to black. The weary droning sound of your machine and everybody else’s computer is left as the singular sound in the ambience. There’s been a power outage. Now two things should be running through your mind. Ask yourself if there is some kind of safety concern that you need to attend to. Is there a fire in the building, did someone trip over a wire and cut everything out, how is everyone doing? The second is, how or can you complete the working day? The simple case of stopping to make sure everyone is okay and then considering if you can carry on. Most businesses large and small are not trained for this. In fact they don’t even consider this every happened to them. But now that it has happened, what do you do?



Let the hierarchy kick in


If and or when the power goes out, each leader of their respect area in the business needs to take charge. Give all your managers, c-suite ranks and deputies simple procedures to follow in the event darkness descends in a power cut. Firstly, they should keep a flashlight in their office drawer. Industrial flash lights such as those from Bryson Tools are going to last longer and can withstand bumps and knocks. They should take it out and begin to go around to each of the employees they are in charge of and see if they’re okay. Then they should report to you the business owner of what they are dealing with. Maybe everyone is okay and maybe someone tripped over and hurt themselves due to not being able to see all of sudden. Tell your senior staff to tell everyone to sit still and await further orders. Choose someone who you might deem your deputy, and tell them to go outside of the office to explore what’s going on. They will ask around to see if they can get answers.



Access remaining capabilities


After you have been on the phone to the building security and or power company to see what’s going on, you need to make a decision. The short and fast of it is, determine the impact and see if can you carry on working or will the day have to be stopped indefinitely? Speak to your senior staff and ask them what kind tasks were they in the midst of and if they can carry on in some form. This could be something like a marketing campaign was being discussed by the marketing department. Can that discussion carry on with the aid of flashlights? Maybe a sales team were calling clients or responding to customer concerns on the phone. Could they possibly use their own smartphones to continue calling? If you cannot carry on, then you will need to leave the office in a calm orderly manner.


Power outages slam the brakes on any working day. They simply put you at the mercy of the power companies and the grid system. However give all your senior staff flashlights so they can watch over their staff members and access if various functions can still continue or not.


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