Promoting Your Business: How To Get Your Voice Heard

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Business

The marketplace these days for small businesses is increasingly crowded as start-ups become more and more popular, and you may be wondering how exactly you can make your way in there and force people to hear your voice and your message so that your company and your vision become a resounding success. Here are some tips on how you can do it…


Identify Your Audience


First of all, it’s important to figure out who exactly your audience is so you know how you can sell to them most effectively. Nobody can appeal to everyone else in the entire world so it’s a good idea to figure out who exactly you want to hear your voice. Is it other businesses? Is it consumers at stores? Is it people who watch influencers on YouTube and Instagram? Figure out the age range, gender, geographical area, and so on of whoever you want to target, and then you’ll be able to communicate with them more effectively. Figure out what your unique selling point is, and then go from there.



Harness The Power Of Social Media


Social media is one of the most important things that a company can do to promote itself. And happily, other than time and man power, it is completely free. Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to communicate with your customers and to develop a good and cohesive company voice. Remember that you need to be professional at all times but that it is great to be more personal: this is one of your main selling points over larger brands, after all. Facebook is a great way to build up a community, Instagram is perfect to showcase the aesthetic of your product and the lifestyle associated with it, and Twitter is good for communicating with people who have used your product. Excellent customer service is responding to people, whether they’re telling you they loved what you did for them or whether what you did could be improved. 



Focus On Your Branding


Focusing on your branding is one of the most important things you can do. Even if you’re strapped for cash it’s a great idea to hire a graphic designer to make you a logo that looks great in every way: as your Twitter profile picture, as the header on your website, on notepaper and on freebies. Because it’s also important to make items that you can give to people at trade fairs – these may be stress balls, pins (you can browse some options online), pens or notepads. When people get home and empty out their goody bags it’s important to have made sure you’re in there.



Get Out There And Attend Events


Remember that you are one of the most important things about your company, so get out there and talk to people! Whether you’re at fancy networking events or standing behind a stall at a trade fair, keep a smile slapped on your face at all times and make sure that you’re always friendly and open to conversation. Being well liked will encourage people to buy what you’re offering.


Although getting your voice heard can be tricky in the current marketplace, these tips should help you feel far more confident about doing it.



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