Pros And Cons Of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products For Your Business

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Life

If you look at online cleaning stores, you will see that there is an increasing number of environmentally friendly cleaning products appearing on the market. This is of little surprise when you consider the fact that there is more emphasis placed on looking after the planet than ever before. But are environmentally friendly cleaning products right for you? Keep on reading to discover the eco-friendly cleaning products pros and cons…



Pros of using environmentally friendly cleaning products

So let’s begin with the advantages. Of course, eco-friendly cleaning products get their name because they do not contain the harmful toxins that are found in standard cleaning products. Toxic ingredients that are commonly included are as follows; methyl chloride, ammonia, silica, NPEs and many others. Thus, these cleaning products are a lot safer to use and therefore you need not worry when utilising them around children or pets.

Another benefit associated with using environmentally friendly products is the fact that they are biodegradable. However, the chemicals that are found within standard cleaning goods are not. After some time they will get into sewer runoff as well as the ground. Alternatively, they may also end up unintentionally absorbed into the skin or inhaled. On the other hand, green cleaning products break down and thus do not harm soil, water or ecosystems. A lot of people do not realise that standard cleaning products still cause a wealth of problems even when they have gone down the drain.


And finally, another advantage associated with eco-friendly cleaning goods is the fact that they are non-irritating. The components will not cause any rashes to the skin, nor will they irritate the respiratory system or other senses. There is also a much lesser chance they will aggravate allergies as well. This is because the components are natural and not noxious as standard cleaning products tend to be.


Cons of using environmentally friendly cleaning products

One of the main disadvantages associated with using green cleaning products for businesses especially is the fact that they tend to be more expensive than the standard options. No matter what type of product you are talking about, if they have used safer and natural components then nine times out of then they will cost more as a result. In a day and age whereby money is strained to begin with people are always understandably looking for the cheapest deal. Because of this, many people are stilling choosing to use the standard option.


Last but not least, in some instances, green cleaning products will not be as effective as their standard chemical version. This is usually the case when it comes to tough tasks, such as unblocking a clogged tub drain. In these instances, chemical cleaners tend to do a much better job as they are designed to cut through all of the clogs and grease. This is where the benefits of using a cleaning company come in, as they will have access to stronger products and a greater range of more eco-friendly cleaners.


All things considered, the move to eco-friendly cleaning products is something we should all be trying to achieve.


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